Technology Company Streamlines Business Workflow with EFT

A NASDAQ-listed, leading global supplier of advanced technology, with significant global operations, was managing their business process using two servers with different operating systems, one Linux-based SAP system and one Windows-based Rights Management Server (RMS). Much of the data that the company handles is extremely sensitive, requiring the organization to take rigorous precautionary measures to ensure that the data is always protected. At the same time, the movement of data needed to be efficient without interruption to other mission critical business processes.

As a required security measure, the SAP and RMS systems were not permitted to directly communicate with each other. However, the SAP system continuously produced batches of documents in a complex directory structure, which in turn needed to be processed by the RMS systems, requiring some sort of communications process to be put in place. In the previously existing environment, there was not a convenient or secure way for the two systems, SAP and RMS, to communicate with each other. The company used time-consuming, manual workarounds to counter the system disparity.


Globalscape’s Professional Services team developed a simple and elegant secure file transfer solution using Globlascape EFT and the Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE), to reduce the complexity around data movement between the company’s SAP and RMS systems.

By deploying Globalscape EFT with the AWE module into the company’s existing infrastructure, the SAP and RMS systems can communicate without data security issues or complex system workflows. With the AWE module, the company can implement a workflow management strategy that utilizes Globalscape EFT's automation capabilities, which keeps data transfer processes between the SAP and RMS systems efficient, secure, and within the company’s purview. With Globalscape EFT as the data transfer conduit, the company maintains full visibility and control over their business critical and complex data transfer processes.



Key Benefits

  • Customize data transfer solution that reduces the complexity of mission critical workflows
  • Facilitate secure and convenient connection between Linux-based SAP system and Windows-based RMS
  • Streamline and automate secure business processes