Is Your Current Data Transfer Environment Hurting You?

Is Your Current Data Transfer Environment Hurting You?Knowing when to choose a MFT technology can be key to increasing the value your IT team brings to your organization. If you’re not using a MFT technology at all, there are some things you should consider. 

  • Are you or your team spending valuable time working on manual data transfer processes?
  • Is your organization still using FTP, despite its security limitations?
  • Do you know when missing or incomplete data transfers happen or do you have to rely on your business partners to tell you?
  • If you are in a regulated industry compliance mandates (e.g., PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA and SOX) control much of what you do – do you have to worry that you might be in violation?

MFT solutions save time and money and ultimately they can help create a clear path to secure, compliant, visible data transfers.

Improve Processes, Reduce Costs, and Save Time with File Transfer Automation

Slow and inefficient data transfer processes waste valuable company resources. When your organization relies on manual and intermittent processes to deliver the data they need, day-to-day productivity becomes vulnerable to manpower limitations and simple human error. Automating your data exchange processes allows you to deliver data reliably and efficiently.

Multi-layered Data Security, Customized for Your Business Needs

Often used out of convenience to send files ad hoc, basic FTP generally lacks many of the security, compliance, and efficiency features that most enterprises need to sustain themselves in today’s fast-paced business environment. The data exchange environment is increasingly challenging to manage, especially when you add the requirements of highly regulated industries. When your file transfer needs become more complex, an FTP alternative can help you to better manage your data.

Gain Visibility into File Movement

Consider the damage that can be caused as a result of a failed file transfers, data loss, or a data breach. How many failed file transfers would it take for you to miss a Service Level Agreement (SLA)? Operational visibility is a crucial element for any data management strategy. Lose visibility, and you lose control.

Meet Data Compliance Mandates

What effect would the loss or theft of data cause your organization? In some cases, depending on the data, you may find yourself faced with litigation from consumers or regulatory fines due to non-compliance. Your organization’s ongoing compliance is a key focus. Data management policies set according to specific mandates can be enforced using prompts and warnings; ultimate control and flexibility remain in your hands.

If you don’t have a MFT technology in place, then it is important to evaluate the data transfer needs of your organization. Our MFT Buyers Guide is a great resource to help guide you through the process.