What is the Enterprise Actions Module?

Everyone knows the many benefits of file transfer automation, but did you know you can go further? Globalscape’s Enterprise Actions Module makes centralizing, simplifying, and executing processes simple. Learn more in this blog.

What is the Enterprise Actions Module?

The Enterprise Actions Module (EAM) is a licensable module that is available to all Globalscape EFT customers. It’s a popular feature among Globalscape EFT administrators for its flexibility and ability to customize. This module is where Event Rules are created, which can then be used in multiple file transfer processes to streamline and trigger subsequent actions.

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Why Use the Enterprise Actions Module and Event Rules?

Rather than recreating the wheel every time you need to transfer data, the EAM allows you to use built-in and custom event rules in multiple workflows without the need for scripting or code. In the Globalscape EFT administration interface, admins specify Actions that should occur when a pre-set Event takes place. For instance, whenever a file is uploaded (Event), an email should be sent out (Action).

Event rules span many different triggers and actions, all of which can be used to automate file transfer processes.

Top Event Rules to Automate Complex Workflows

Event Rules can help automate many pieces of the file transfer processes, including loops and subroutines, with actions for common actions like compression, file and folder operations, and imports and exports. Some of the most popular and powerful include:

  • PowerShell Actions: Execute PowerShell scripts within an Event Rule to automate file creation/read/rename/delete.
  • File Operation Action: Automate within Event Rules themselves with the ability to read, write, rename, concatenate, and perform a checksum on files.
  • Folder Operation Action: Automate folder creation processes, including creating, renaming, and deleting folders.
  • Event Rule Subroutine: Call a subroutine from another Event Rule. Break up common actions into small, reusable rules, such as sending email notifications, moving files, encrypting/decrypting, and more.
  • Compress Action: Compress files to ZIP and other formats to better manage file uploads and downloads. This exists within any type of Event Rule.

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