What is EFT?

What is EFT?

The EFT in both Globalscape EFT and EFT Arcus (MFTaaS) stands for Enhanced File Transfer.

While some file transfer solutions are manual, one-time, or script-based tools, EFT is part of the secure file transfer family that includes more robust solutions that go beyond the basics of transferring a file from sender to recipient.

Why Use EFT?

Enhanced file transfer solutions like Globalscape are secure, enterprise-level solutions that facilitate the administration, scheduling, and monitoring of file transfers. Secure file transfer solutions include:

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Two EFT Solutions from Globalscape

Secure, manage, and track data transfers with Globalscape. This best-in-class managed file transfer (MFT) solution supports data security for enterprises.

Globalscape EFT is an on-premises managed file transfer solution for Windows. EFT Arcus (MFTaaS) is a cloud MFT solution that provides the best of Globalscape EFT with the added flexibility and scalability of the cloud.

What is Secure File Transfer?

Secure file transfer (SFT) refers to data sharing via reliable, encrypted, or otherwise secured data connections. Secure file transfer allows businesses to share business critical, sensitive data through secure channels, reducing the risk to inadvertent data sharing or data breach.

Common secure file transfer methods include secure FTPs, including SFTP, FTPS, and AS2, as well as software solutions that encompass the most common FTPs and facilitate automation, tracking, and compliance needs.

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