5 Reasons to Use Managed File Transfer

As organizations grow, the need for a secure file transfer protocol becomes bigger and more important. When shopping around for solutions, organizations can find a whole host of FTP solutions. One of the most robust solutions among secure FTP options is managed file transfer (MFT).  

Here we’ll break down what MFT is and how it can greatly benefit organizations in their effort to keep their data safe and secure. 

What is Managed File Transfer (MFT)? 

Managed file transfer is a file transfer solution designed to help organizations exchange files in an automated, simplified, and streamlined manner. This software solution is meant to work within private networks and outside of them. 

Five Reasons to Implement an MFT Solution 

1. Better Encryption 

MFT solutions achieve file transfers through the use of encryption and compression methods. MFT solutions make it easy to meet industry standards for securing data. These encryption options include Open PGP, AES, SSL, and SSH. MFT solutions also scale to meet the needs of any organization. Whether an organization has just a few file transfers in a day or a thousand, MFT solutions can handle the workflow. 

2. Stronger Security 

One of the main pulls of MFT solutions is the level of security that they bring. Protecting data is the point of any secure FTP solution so it’s paramount that the solution an organization selects achieves that objective effectively and consistently. MFT solutions such as Globalscape EFT can protect any type of user data, such as credit card data or proprietary material. 

MFT can bolster security by ensuring that files are not only safe and secure during transfer within an organization but also outside of it. Organizations can also track file transfer activity throughout the entirety of the process. 

3. More Efficient and Effective File Transfers 

Non-MFT solutions can require manual scripts, which can be incredibly time-consuming and cost prohibitive. With MFT, organizations can create, test, and automate file transfers with no custom programming required. In addition, MFT allows organizations to process substantial amounts of files with automation capabilities. Again, file transfer tracking will serve organizations well in the areas of improving security and making file transfers much more efficient. 

With certain solutions such as Globalscape EFT, organizations can benefit from file acceleration protocols to enable the transfer of large files securely. 

4. Easily Meets Compliance Requirements 

MFT solutions such as Globalscape EFT specialize in supporting compliance requirements, and often have built-in reports that can be run to check on compliance. These compliance requirements include existing and emerging privacy laws, industry-specific requirements, and regulations meant to protect personal information. A critical part of these compliance achievements is the ability to audit file transfers and pull reports on access and data movement. 

5. Easy to Use, Intuitive, Painless 

Some FTP solutions are difficult to use and unintuitive. MFT solutions make file transfers simpler to navigate and easier-to-use. It’s critical that file transfers are executed properly. Having an easy-to-use MFT solution will help users do just that. Products like Globalscape EFT are easy to set up quickly with straightforward user interfaces. 

Secure and Manage Your Data Transfers with Ease with Globalscape EFT

Globalscape EFT is a comprehensive, user-friendly MFT software. EFT provides security and compliance combined with powerful tools for automation, collaboration, and analysis. Unlike traditional file transfer software, EFT provides enterprise-level data security, as well as data transfer automation through integration with back-end systems. Administration is easy, yet detailed enough for complete control of your file transfer system. EFT replaces insecure legacy systems, homegrown servers, manual delivery and more with a top-performing, highly scalable alternative. 

Key Globalscape EFT features include: