Simplify and Secure Human Resource Management Applications with EFT Arcus

Human Resources (HR) technologies are one of the leading growth drivers in worldwide IT spending, according to Gartner. A single HR department may leverage a broad suite of core HR, workforce management, strategic, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications. HR software programs can range from those designed to help staff members complete their everyday tasks to overseeing and automating payroll, benefits, scheduling, and recruitment efforts.

Why HR Is Reaching For the Cloud

While HR finds operational gains in the digital transformation of human capital management, IT administrators and integration teams are often challenged by mapping, configuring, and managing the data flow among so many disparate applications. To make application management easier and more efficient, HR must embrace cloud Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS). Currently only 20% of HR organizations are operating in fully SaaS IT environments, but that number is steadily growing. 

Keep HR Systems Compliant and Personal Data Secure

While seeking easier management and improved efficiencies, HR and IT leaders stay keenly focused on data privacy and security. HR technology buyers report that data security is their top priority criteria when selecting software, and for a good reason. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) are highly regulated by GDPR, HIPAA/HITECH, PCI DSS, and other government and industry regulations. Data regulation violations come with a sizeable price tag. Hefty fines, loss of credibility, and widely publicized data breaches are just a few of the ways a non-compliant organization may be forced to pay for poorly managed data. 

While regulatory compliance can be complicated and expensive, non-compliance is even more costly. The good news is that most data protection regulations have the same general infrastructure requirements regardless of your deployment. These include:

•    Protecting your internal network with secure firewalls
•    Segregating internal networks from the DMZ & other untrusted networks
•    Using nonvendor-supplied defaults for system settings
•    Securing remote access with encryption

Secure, Compliant Application Integration with Managed File Transfer

A flexible and reliable managed file transfer (MFT) platform provides the features and functions needed to ensure compliance and successful applications integration. The right MFT solution can achieve comprehensive data protection with industry-leading protocols, government-grade encryption, and architecture configurations endorsed by the most stringent security best-practices. While creating a secure environment, a complete MFT platform also provides powerful yet user-friendly administrative controls to manage and monitor data transfers. Globalscape’s EFT Arcus, a cloud MFT solution, meets all of the above-mentioned needs, offering a secure managed file transfer solution with the flexibility and affordability of the cloud. 

EFT Arcus Hybrid Deployment

Because many organizations need a cloud solution combined with some on-premises data storage, it is also important to find an MFT platform that offers hybrid deployment. At Globalscape, our engineers create solutions for clients who need to deploy a managed file transfer server into the cloud while maintaining on-premises storage of sensitive personal data. Organizations can automate and integrate entire system-to-system HR processes without ever opening additional ports in the corporate firewall, thus preventing unsolicited inbound connections from malicious actors. Integrating EFT Arcus and a Remote Agent with your HR cloud applications can meet all the requirements for comprehensive data protection, proof of data security, data breach control, and resource planning. 

For more information on how Globalscape’s EFT Arcus integrates an organization’s hybrid environment, check out this Use Case or our EFT Arcus page.