How Globalscape EFT Helps the Healthcare Industry

Globalscape EFT is Just What the Doctor Ordered 

The healthcare industry is a complex system full of regulations to comply with and highly sensitive data to move from one location to the next.  

From dramatic cost cutting, to eliminating manual processes, to strengthening data encryption and more, Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) is just what the doctor ordered for the healthcare industry.  

What is Globalscape EFT? 

Globalscape EFT is a secure file transfer solution that works for healthcare organizations and businesses to give them a safe and streamlined way to send large files and sensitive electronic protected health information (ePHI) and electronic health record (HER) data to hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and insurance companies. All while complying with EDI trading partner requirements and other industry regulations.  

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How Does Globalscape Safeguard & Simplify File Transfers? 

Globalscape simplifies and secures file transfer operations for those in healthcare by doing the following:  

  • Translating and converting data to and from popular formats like EDI and XML 
  • Running on key platforms like Windows, IBM i, Mac OS, and Linux 
  • Supporting secure protocols like FTPS, SFTP, and HTTP(S) 
  • Complying with HIPAA & HITECH file transfer requirements 
  • Encrypting data using FIPS 140-2 compliant AES and Triple DES algorithms 
  • Meeting popular encryption methods like Open PGP and Zip with AES  

File Transfer for the Healthcare Industry 

Secure file transfer is utilized in the healthcare industry on a daily basis to: 

  • Automate and manage file transfers via a web-friendly dashboard  
  • Coordinate patient updates with outside physicians 
  • Protect payroll file transfers sent between healthcare organizations and banks 
  • Streamline the transmission of patient histories and insurance information 
  • Secure medication records from pharmacies 
  • Authenticate users so only intended parties can access data 
  • Secure patient data transfers to HHS or the CDC 

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Real Ways Globalscape Has Helped the Healthcare Industry    

Globalscape has worked with numerous healthcare organizations and businesses over the years to save them time, money, and transfer sensitive patient data without error securely.  

Here are some examples of how Globalscape helps real healthcare providers to improve the security of their patients’ private health information.  

Chicago-based Hospital  

When a Chicago-based hospital faced the daunting task of upgrading their entire existing legacy file transfer solution, they knew they lacked a reliable and efficient infrastructure.  

To handle the high volume of sensitive data moving internally throughout the institution, this hospital implemented Globalscape EFT with High Availability (HA) in an Active-Active configuration, eliminating their downtime risks. They were also able to take advantage of the efficiency boosting capabilities of data transfer automation in a highly available environment, ensuring that complex data workflows and data transfer processes could continue independently, without human interaction. Their implementation of Globalscape’s secure information exchange solutions saved the hospital time and money. 

The hospital also implemented automated workflows and events coordinated between “nodes” to deliver a highly available solution. Globalscape EFT and its automation capabilities also ensured that the hospital could meet compliance and security mandates through automatically. Through Globalscape’s DMZ Gateway the hospital also gained an extra layer of security between the internal and external firewalls, allowing their data to reside directly on the internal network 

Pharmaceutical Company 

A large pharmaceutical company was considering using Globalscape EFT with Event Rules as a way to cut costs and increase operational efficiency. The organization relied on the timely submission of its regulatory documentation to bring its products to market faster so their customers can get much needed medication. 

Globalscape and its Professional Services team put together a solution for the organization using EFT Enterprise with Event Rules along with a series of customization services. The Event Rules in EFT Enterprise automated the test results submission process, by taking each of the files from various sources, and then transferring the files via either SFTP or AS2 protocols to the required agencies. This process was automated with a single Event Rule. 

By automating the submission of its regulatory information, the risks associated with human error were nearly eliminated, the support costs associated with SFTP client software was gone, and the number of open ports that allowed outbound transfers were greatly reduced, increasing security 

Non-profit Healthcare Provider 

As a non-profit healthcare provider headquartered in the United Kingdom, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulation was a top priority in choosing a managed file transfer solution. 

The client looked to Globalscape to provide solutions that include: 

  • A secure file transfer portal safely accessed both externally and internally 
  • Reliable, always-available service 
  • Protection for critical files containing PII 
  • Complex automation for sequential file transfers 

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ASR Health Benefits  

When business expanded for the Michigan-based ASR Health Benefits—a third-party health benefits administrator—their data transfer requirements evolved. Their busy IT department discovered that their workflows were continuing to grow in complexity and volume. As a result, their existing disparate system of file transfer wasn’t enough. 

In order to eliminate data exchange inefficiencies, enhance file transfer security, and facilitate HIPAA compliance, Globalscape solutions specialists recommend the advanced managed file transfer (MFT) solution, EFT with the Advanced Workflow Engine module (AWE). 

Since deploying Globalscape EFT with the AWE module, ASR Health Benefits saw an improvement of their complex data transfer processes creating increased overall operational efficiency. With their new solution in place, they were able to consolidate all of their file transfer activities to one easily managed centralized location, which made their exchange of data seamless and more secure. The IT team enhanced the overall security of their data transfers, as well as the ability to facilitate HIPAA compliance. 

ASR Health Benefits gained the following file transfer benefits with Globalscape EFT: 

  • Secure and reliable file transfers, including encryption while files are in transit or at rest 
  • Facilitate and maintain HIPAA compliance 
  • Full operational visibility and control over IT infrastructure and data activity 


When PeaceHealth Medical Group, a non-profit healthcare organization was looking for a file sharing solution for their organization, they needed to pay special attention to data security.  

To meet the challenges of securing patient data, PeaceHealth enlisted the help of Globalscape software, specifically the EFT platform. Globalscape solutions have a number of out-of-the-box functionalities, providing customers with a “bottom-up” approach to creating solutions that organizations need. With a variety of different modules to choose from, organizations can select-and pay for-only as much or as little as they need. 

By implementing Globalscape solutions, PeaceHealth has been able to merge disparate file transfer methods across PeaceHealth while improving security and compliance procedures. 

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The Best Treatment for ePHI and EHR Data? Globalscape EFT 

With a secure file transfer solution like Globalscape EFT in place, health providers can relax knowing patient information is encrypted in transit and at rest, no matter if it resides inside or outside the private network.