How Application Integration Can Streamline Customer Support

The best customer support experience can be described best as effortless. Your customer calls, your support representative answers and resolves their concerns with a friendly-ease and confidence. The customer is happy. End of story. Next call. However, when your customer support representative doesn’t have fast access to the data or information required to help the customer, you’re far more likely to end up with a less than positive engagement with the customer. The positive customer support experience is not likely to happen without the right strategy, tools, and processes in place.

With rapid connectivity to customer information, you can be in a better position to avoid the clichéd negative customer support experience, where the customer is placed on long holds and stuck listening to elevator music, while they are being repeatedly transferred from one support agent to the next.

Rapid connectivity is a capability that won’t happen within a disparate environment where multiple data silos exist. The all-too-common data silos that are made up of customer data, project statuses, and product or service purchasing history are often the very crucial information that is needed by customer support reps. Companies with the capability to sync their customer information across teams and systems are more enabled to provide the best support for their customers. However, not all companies have the tools to streamline their customer support.

Rapid Integration of Customer Support Tools with Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

Companies that integrate their customer support applications using an integration platform as a service (or iPaaS) can empower their customer support teams with fast access to their customer data. This provides them with full access to the customer information they need to accomplish their support objectives.

With an integration platform, your customer support operations lead will be able to synchronize data among tools like JIRA, Stripe, Xero, and Salesforce. For example, here’s a look at how data integration can improve customer support:

  • JIRA Integration: When tickets are open and closed with engineering resources
  • Stripe or Xero Integration: When billing details are updated 
  • Salesforce Integration: A history of the customer’s past purchases and interactions

iPaaS connectors integrate critical customer support and workflow applications like JIRA, Salesforce, among many others, for rapid access to the most relevant customer information. Integration with iPaaS can help companies design a more efficient customer support strategy, which can lead to faster resolution times and more happy customers.