Large Investment Management Firm Meets Service Level Agreements through Data Transfer Automation

Challenge: A large investment management firm, with assets of around $1 trillion USD under management, receives important files such as stock quotes, fund updates, and other time-sensitive updates, that are regularly uploaded to their internal network from an external system. These files need to be delivered immediately to 30 of their customers, each of whom is paying the organization for this timely information.

Solution: Normally, when there is a set of automated file transfer actions, all of those actions execute one file after the next (i.e., send file to customer 1, send file to customer 2, send file to customer 3, etc.), which means the last file of the 30 might be transferred much later than the first. Using Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™) Enterprise Event Rules the administrator enabled the “parallel file transfer” registry option to automatically deliver this file individually to each of the 30 recipients. When the registry option is enabled, the automated transfers occur in parallel, so that all the customers receive the file at the same time.

Key Benefits

  •   Met SLAs
  •   Eliminated problem of incomplete file transfers
  •   Simplified complicated workflows