Globalscape is excited to announce the upgrade of our cloud MFT platform, EFT Arcus (MFTaaS). This new version introduces “self-service” functionality with a management site, two-factor authentication for EFT Arcus administrator accounts, optional backup and restore capabilities, and improved performance, transparency, and security, and many more features that were derived directly from customer requests. Both speed and performance of ARM reporting have been greatly improved with the addition of nightly database fact table builds.
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Empowering EFT Arcus (MFTaaS) Admins

In this latest upgrade, we’ve introduced the Arcus Management Site, which is a pre-built Site in EFT Arcus that administrators can access in the Web Transfer client, just like any other Site. The Arcus Management Site allow EFT Arcus administrators to manage their Site quickly and easily without Globalscape Support intervention. You simply download a file in the Web Transfer Client, make the necessary modifications, then upload the edited file, for features such as:

  • Administrator account deletion
  • ARM database “dump” in a CSV file
  • Data file-share backup
  • Customized email templates
  • Inserting custom instructions into the Drop-Off portal

We’ve also added EFT Arcus log file access and Site “root” access in the Arcus Management Site. You can also upload your SSL certificates to the Arcus Management Site, and then reference them in the administration interface.

Multi-Factor Administrator Authentication Portal

The EFT Arcus Authentication Management Portal give Arcus administrators the ability to reset their passwords, unlock their account, and provide 2FA for connecting to the EFT Arcus administration interface.

For help using EFT Arcus, please visit our online help.

For EFT Arcus release notes and details, please read more here.