Benefits of Zero Downtime for High-Availability Environments

Minimize Downtime with Secure File Transfer

The ability for employees to have continuous, seamless access to organizational data and applications is critical to business continuity. Downtime is expensive. Productivity, business disruption, lost revenue, and IT team headaches are just a few of the additional costs of downtime.

Among the many business processes that depend on uptime, file transfers are vital to business operations, as the sensitive information needing to be exchanged is part of a chain of data that organizations need to stay operational. As such, file transfer solutions need to be protected against system failure, human error, cybercrime and even severe weather. That’s why high-availability (HA) configurations, such as those in Globalscape EFT, are a wise solution for reliable and secure data transfers.

The latest upgrade from Globalscape, v8.1, improves upon its HA configuration by delivering zero downtime for HA cluster upgrades, in addition to a host of new upgraded features including 64-bit support, s, and set expiration notifications for SSL key certification for encryption.

What is High Availability Clustering?

A high availability cluster is essentially a group of servers that act as a single system to provide organizations with continuous, uninterrupted availability.

In a HA configuration, equipment problems or issues are responded to automatically and immediately though load balancers which constantly monitor the system to ensure that a single server is not overwhelmed. The HA cluster design replies upon clustering which uses multiple servers ready to take on the workload of another server should it fail or get overloaded.

In addition, the response includes a halt to additional requests being sent to servers that can’t actively respond.

What Are the Benefits of High-Availability Clustering?

End users benefit from reliable and seamless performance and no interruptions when an organization’s server experiences difficulties. Business rolls along as usual with no downtime.

Constant uptime is the goal of a network system. With HA active-active configurations in Globalscape EFT, the result is 99.999% availability, that equals less than five minutes of actual downtime over the course of a year.

Video: Maximize Uptime with EFT High Availability

Benefits of Zero Downtime for File Transfers

With every version upgrade Globalscape EFT continues to deliver the additional features and functionality most requested by users of this award-winning, secure file transfer solution.

By enabling zero downtime for HA cluster upgrades, the file transfer service will continue to run as expected and connections to the server will be accepted even during the upgrade process. Administrators can now schedule any upgrades during “normal” business hours, for less overtime, pressure on staff, and more reliability.