Are You Prepared for System Downtime?

The worst situations are usually the ones where you’re taken by surprise. System downtime can happen unexpectedly, but anticipating situations can help you keep downtime from being a problem. For many organizations, system downtime can lead to many expensive complications, including service disruption, data loss, and reputational damage. And since we don’t have a 1983 DeLorean or the plutonium needed to power the 1.21 gigawatts to the flux capacitor like in the movie Back to the Future, we can’t use time travel as a solution.

So what can you do? Start with gaining a clear understanding about how your organization moves data, along with the ramifications of system downtime. Taking this stance will help you position yourself strategically, you can protect your organization’s IT infrastructure and data.  

When organizations have high availability requirements and need to protect themselves from business downtime—not to mention the expensive damage that follows the disruption of data resources and business critical applications—a managed file transfer solution with high availability can help prevent downtime from ever being a problem.  

Globalscape EFT with High Availability (HA) can help minimize the effects of downtime in the following situations:

  • Taking systems or data offline for maintenance
  • Unplanned outages caused by human error, software problems, hardware failures, and/or environmental issues
  • Disaster recovery to swiftly recover and continue mission-critical operations from any location

Any one of these situations listed are circumstances that most organizations cannot avoid or will have to deal with at some point in time.

An Ounce of Prevention

Globalscape EFT with HA allows for organizations can maintain control and have the upper hand when it comes to managing downtime. How does High Availability with Globalscape EFT work?

Through active-active clustering and horizontal scalability, your organization can maximize network uptime. If one server goes down, the other servers will continue to process transactions so that you can meet your uptime requirements—no matter how stringent.  

With Globalscape EFT with HA all servers are in production managing your data—no standby hardware and no clustering software, just non-stop network availability with multiple instances of EFT and a load balancer. This means that you can…

  • Enjoy easy installation, configuration, and management,
  • Work with industry-standard load balancers,
  • Coordinate automated workflow management and event processing between nodes,
  • Keep all nodes in sync with message queuing,
  • Manage your entire HA cluster with ease using a single admin login, and
  • Scale your cluster as needed—there are no limitations on the number of servers added.

If you’re ready to manage your file transfers and IT infrastructure with a highly available, scalable, and secure file transfer solution, contact us today for your free trial.