6 Signs You’re Making the Most of Globalscape

6 Signs You’re Making the Most of Globalscape 

It’s understood that implementing a secure FTP solution is a smart investment for any organization looking to secure their data and workflow processes. However, it can be hard to know whether you are making the most of that investment. These robust software solutions will offer great data security and excellent automation capabilities, but the question is...are you making the most of Globalscape

  1. Workflows are Automated to Do the Work for You 

Globalscape EFT has the ability to retrieve, translate, and move your data securely. Within the Globalscape EFT framework, users can set up advanced workflows that allow them to make use of these processes at a deeper level.  

Here are a few ways that advanced workflows can make Globalscape more useful: 

  • Application development requires less time and training 
  • Reduces time spent on repetitive tasks 
  • Reduces human error 
  • Accelerates flow of information 
  • Provides tools for decision-making 
  1. Utilize Triggers with Projects and Workflows 

Triggers allow users to define when they would like to be notified of certain events such as a file being uploaded or downloaded. These triggers can act as an incredibly helpful monitoring tool, making it much more difficult to lose track of essential information that will help organizations advance their business processes. 

If you’re looking to perform a task within uploaded files, you can set Globalscape up to do that. A trigger will call on a workflow whenever a user uploads a new file, giving you the flexibility to build up a robust automation system for any use cases you need automation for. 

  1. Data Analysis with Reporting 

Globalscape has a strong auditing and reporting module that users can derive a lot of value from. The module captures transactions within the platform and allows users to view reports from an administrative console. Organizations can also perform audits and analyze data as soon as transfer reports (custom or pre-configured) are available.  

Organizations will find that solving problems is made much easier because Globalscape captures far more data points than the average MFT product. All the processes in this module can be executed swiftly and with ease. 

  1. Utilize the MFT Remote Agents Module 

MFT agents are applications that automate file transfer and workflows. These agents provide centralized control for automating transactions between any shareholders (trading partners, internal offices). Remote agents constantly call home to gather new instructions without requiring administrative intervention. With Remote Agents, you can lower costs and remove the need for developing code, scripts, and batch files manually. 

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  1. Streamline Collaboration Processes with Convenient File Sharing 

Users should feel that collaboration is a much easier endeavor. Globalscape EFT is a secure file sharing platform that is easy to use.  

  • Workspaces makes it easy for files to be shared internally and externally without losing easy-of-use or data security.  
  • The Mobile Transfer Client mobile app allows employees to use their own devices to access corporate data without rendering an organization’s network insecure.  
  • And, the Web Transfer Client helps organizations gain flexibility without increasing costs. Users transfer files from any web browser. 
  1. Data Security is Stronger 

Because much of the data that Globalscape EFT transfers  is sensitive, data security is a critical aspect of its design. Files go through many stages throughout the file transfer process. Understanding who has access to data is a good step in learning how to keep that data secure. For some organizations, industry regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, and GDPR are important for the overall business plan. Globalscape can help you maintain compliance with these regulations. 

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