How Globalscape Drives Productivity and Security in the Insurance Industry

There’s no shortage of sensitive data being collected, stored, and exchanged in the insurance industry. Swift, secure file transfers are key to business productivity as well as client satisfaction and trust. However, many companies still rely on slow, manual file transfer practices or outdated systems that add complexity and security vulnerability during everyday activity.

Globalscape EFT enables insurance, banking, and other financial services firms to support the fast, secure exchange of sensitive files with managed file transfer (MFT). These capabilities are designed to move high volumes of information quickly and with effective access controls in place. The solution also enables compliance with key mandates such as HIPAA, GDPR, and others.

With Globalscape, insurance companies can:

  • Secure data with confidence: Secure and track files moving internally and externally with the knowledge they will be safeguarded wherever they travel. Two-factor authentication and encryption are just a few of the many security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Achieve compliance: Meet regulatory requirements and simplify audits with built-in controls that meet the stringent standards set by governing bodies.
  • Get up and running quickly: Enable users to start transferring files within hours instead of days through ease of deployment and administration as well as an intuitive interface.
  • Keep up with changing business needs: Create automated workflows without scripting to address new use cases in your organization.
  • Leverage existing infrastructure: Integrate with Active Directory, Sharepoint, Microsoft Excel, SQL Server and other trusted technology to support seamless information exchange.

Three Globalscape Insurance Industry Success Stories

These case studies highlight the role of Globalscape in helping insurance providers keep up with the demands of carrying out secure, high-volume data exchange with clients and partners.

1. IDBI Intech, Ltd.

IDBI Intech, Ltd. was struggling with slow, manual file transfers—a major challenge when sharing time-sensitive information. The Mumbai-based provider of innovative IT solutions for the insurance, financial services, and banking industry realized it was time to update its approach to handling daily data transfers.

The company looked to SYSTECH, a local Globalscape partner, to help it find a reliable managed file transfer solution that incorporated automation, data security, and security protocols. Today, IDBI and a growing number of its clients transfer critical financial information more quickly and securely, achieving all-around positive reviews of the new process.

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2. A Chicago Hospital

This organization’s legacy file transfer solution was prone to downtime, an unacceptable risk in the transfer of sensitive patient information to insurance companies. Downtime meant manual data entry and paper-based processes in addition to the cost of related staff overtime. Worse, delayed information exchange could impact patient care.

The organization now uses Globalscape with High Availability in an Active-Active framework to provide redundancy and reliability. The solution’s automation and notification capabilities have brought much-needed peace of mind to the team, who are now aware when files have reached their destination. System uptime also reduces the cost of paying employees overtime wages to complete manual transfers while enabling compliance with security mandates.

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3. High Mark Credit Information Services

High Mark, a fast-growing credit bureau in India, was no stranger to high-volume data transfer. In fact, the business sent more than 100 compressed files each day, ranging from 2MB to 500MB in size. They knew usage would only increase over time and sought a solution to take them smoothly into the future.

The company selected Globalscape for an MFT option that not only could scale with their increasing business but could also provide the data security critical to meeting their ISO27001 and Data Protection Act compliance obligations. Now more than 200 High Mark clients use Globalscape to exchange business-critical data. In addition, High Mark leverages Globalscape’s Secure Ad Hoc Transfer (SAT) module to send links in lieu of creating new user accounts when recipients aren’t regular system users.

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Insurance companies have unprecedented amounts of sensitive data to protect and share. Globalscape offers the ease of use and data security necessary to speed file sharing and reduce complexity in this high-pressure industry.