Secure and Streamline Your File Transfers with Globalscape EFT

Globalscape EFT offers organizations adaptable and effective secure file transfer solutions specifically designed to meet and exceed each individual organization’s security and compliance needs.  

With data security becoming an ever-important issue throughout the world, our goal is to help clients build a better and stronger IT. 

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Globalscape’s Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) platform is a comprehensive, user-friendly managed file transfer (MFT) software. EFT provides security and compliance combined with powerful tools for automation, collaboration, and analysis.

Security & Compliance

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Left unprotected, data at rest or in transit can be at risk for a breach. And using encrypted file transfer software, secure protocols, strong ciphers, encryption keys, and password policies can help. All of these support managed file transfer security so that you’re better equipped to safeguard sensitive information and avoid data breaches. Organizations that struggle to meet government- and industry-regulated compliance mandates risk heavy fines—and worse—they risk reputation-damaging data breaches.

Automation and Efficiency

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Advanced managed file transfer automation capabilities allow you to deliver data without manual intervention, thus avoiding potential errors.  

Globalscape EFT features an intuitive interface so you can easily automate important tasks to ensure their regular completion, plus add-on features like Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) to give your external partners more insight into relevant data movement. The native Event Rule system functionality also allows administrators to set up folder monitors and event triggers, timed actions, and cloud object monitoring.  

If your organization's file transfer management involves a high volume of data, automation offers a more efficient route and can save you both time and money.


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Globalscape offers flexible managed file transfer solutions to help meet your business’s unique needs. More than just a buzz word, flexibility implies the capacity to grow and change with market conditions – an essential capability in today’s business environment. Through on-premises, cloud, or hybrid deployments, EFT provides the tools and scalability to address even the most complex file transfer activity.

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