Automate Data Exchange Across Systems or Applications

Secure, efficient data management is crucial to your organization’s short-term and long-term sustainability. This includes the ability to effectively and reliably transfer data. Inadequate processes can cause data losses, data breaches, service-level agreement (SLA) violations, and the mismanagement of valuable resources.

Many businesses use a managed file transfer (MFT) solution to help ensure secure, effective data transfers. Automating data transfers through an MFT can improve the consistency and reliability of your data’s movements by:

  • Reducing the possibility of human errors
  • Decreasing delays or bottlenecks due to manual processes
  • Streamlining data transfer processes and conserving resources
  • Increasing transparency and control with automated reporting


Automate your file transfers to improve efficiency and reliability.

Automated File Transfer Software Improves Efficiency and Reliability

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If your organization manually performs data transfers, you are not operating as effectively as possible. Manual data transfer processes are vulnerable to manpower limitations and subject to human error, making them inefficient and often unreliable. Automating your data transfers can reduce or eliminate the need for manual file exchanges and free up your resources for more innovative endeavors.

Globalscape’s MFT solution, Enhanced File Transfer (EFT), features a file transfer scheduler that can automate data transfers, taking the manual file exchange burden off of individual team members. With EFT, scheduling your transfers through automated workflow management is easy. You can create complex programmatic workflows without having a programming background.

Automatic data transfer increases transparency and control.

Automated Reporting Increases Transparency and Control

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Automate your file transfers and take the guess work out of your data exchanges. EFT’s automated workflow management allows users to schedule automated file transfers and access reports for tracking and verification.

Users gain an increased level of transparency and control from:

  • A centralized platform for file transfer monitoring and tracking
  • Comprehensive visibility over all file transfer activity

Improved visibility into your data traffic also helps IT maintain security and ensure compliance requirements.

For most any workflow management scenario that you can imagine, the right MFT solution can automate your secure file transfer systems, while eliminating security concerns and manual processes.

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