Globalscape EFT™ Workspaces Module Demo

In this webinar, Globalscape's Sales Engineer Richard Foresyth presents the embedded Globalscape EFT™ Workspaces Module. With Workspaces, you can retain full control and visibility of your data. Key results discussed: 

  • Share folders and files securely between employees and external partners, while IT retains control of the data
  • Send secure messages and attachments without file type or size limitations
  • Integrated with Outlook for intuitive person-to-person file sharing that fits into your workflow
  • Browser-based, making sending files easily with just an email address
  • Request files from external and internal users, and receive them in a secure drop-off portal 
  • Generate reports of Workspaces activity to gain immediate visibility into who shared what with whom 

Learn more about Workspaces here. In addition, our datasheet for Workspaces can be found here