DMZ Gateway




January 20, 2020

  • Updated build with EFT DEI library

June 14, 2019 

  • Updated build with EFT DEI library  

October 19, 2018 

  • Updated build with EFT 7.4.11 compatible DEI library 

May 15, 2018

  • Rebranding
  • FAST license now expires on September 12, 2018 with the latest DMZ build
  • Support for SSL/TLS between EFT and DMZ (PNC SSL+)
  • Support for EFT remote administration via the DMZ Gateway (MX via DMZ)
  • Support for EFT to share the admin IP access/ban list with the DMZ Gateway
  • Added support for EFT Accelerate Module
  • Desupported Windows Server 2003
  • Fixed an issue where the DMZ Gateway Server would fail to start due to encountering a network interface with an invalid configuration. This has only been seen when the Dell Remote Access driver (RACPORT) is present on the system
  • Fixed an issue where a deadlock could occur when a Site disconnected and reconnected before the DMZ Gateway Server had disconnected and cleaned up the original Site. This issue appears to be very timing- specific and to date has only been seen in one environment
  • Fixed an issue where IPv6 would become disabled when running against future releases of recognized servers when their major version number increased
  • Added the Business Activity Monitor (BAM) application as a recognized server type
  • Upgraded the Java Service Wrapper to Version 3.5.19. This version includes an automatic deadlock detection/restart feature
  • Added support for IPv6 addressing when operating with Mail Express Server version 3.3 and later
  • Added support for Unicode strings in the log files and xml-based configuration files
  • Added support for Unicode strings in communications with EFT Server 6.5 and later
  • Changed installer so that it now ensures the DMZ Gateway Administration Interface is not running prior to making modifications
  • Fixed an issue that prevented binding to interfaces if IPv4 or IPv6 support was disabled in the operating system
  • Fixed an issue that would cause large delays in connection processing if a port mode connection was attempted through the DMZ Gateway and outbound connections were blocked by a firewall
  • Fixed minor user interface issues in the DMZ Gateway Administration Interface
  • Upgraded the embedded Java Runtime Environment to Version 1.7.0_09
  • Added support for IPv6
  • Added minor usability features in the Windows installers
  • Fixed minor user interface issues in the DMZ Gateway Administration Interface
  • Fixed an intermittent issue that would cause PORT mode to fail when the DMZ Gateway was running on Linux-based operating systems
  • Fixed an issue where client logins would time out when no banner was defined within an EFT Server Site
  • Upgraded various third-party libraries to the most recent versions
  • Upgraded the embedded Java Runtime Environment to Version 1.7.0
  • Incorporated complete Mail Express support
  • Enhanced installer to provide upgrade option for v3.0.x installations
  • Added support for v6.3 EFT Server's enhanced IP Access Rule functionality
  • Changed the default maximum number of network access policy exceptions from 100 to 1,000 to match EFT Server requirements
  • Added ability for DMZ Gateway to support compressed messages sent from EFT Server
  • Fixed rare timing-based error related to handling transitions between PNC and Active/Passive connections
  • Fixed listener port management for PASV connections that never connect
  • Fixed randomization of PASV ports assignments
  • Fixed issue where Network Timing may adversely affect system's ability to service connections
  • Fixed connections issues when significant configuration data was passed between GUI and Server
  • Fixed message processing issue that occurred under certain network environments
  • Fixed issue in DMZ Gateway's management of invalid SOCKS5 client connections
  • Added support for client connections from IP addresses that don't have a co-resident Server
  • Changed some ERROR logs to DEBUG as they were not Application Errors
  • Fixed a problem with regular Java errors appearing in Event viewer logs
  • Fixed a problem where EFT Server Denial of Service updates could block legitimate client connection attempts
  • Fixed a resource leak that appears under some environments leading to resource exhaustion
  • Added ability to install DMZ Gateway on Unix, Linux, and Solaris operating systems (in addition to Windows). Available on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.
  • Added more functionality to DMZ Gateway's interface to accommodate multiple profiles and extended communication information
  • Centralized DMZ licensing to EFT Server to simplify DMZ installation and licensing
  • Added ability to connect up to 15 EFT Server Sites simultaneously
  • Added automatic propagation of IP address access policy changes to DMZ Gateway when the policy is modified in EFT Server, whether in the interface or by the auto-ban logic
  • DMZ and EFT Server have been hardened to withstand attack from several Denial of Service (DoS) attack tools
  • Improved and expanded DMZ Gateway logging
  • Corrected issue where Multisite DMZ used the wrong interface when doing outbound transfers
  • Corrected issue where Multisite DMZ used the wrong interface when attempting to connect using PASV mode
  • Added support in the installer wizard to install EFT Server and DMZ Server in a cluster
  • DMZ Single Site now accepts the queued EFT Server connection when the active connection ends
  • Fixed DMZ issue that occurred when two EFT Servers used same IP/port
  • Enhanced EFT Server Enterprise installer to provide both the Single Site and Multi-Site DMZ Gateway sub-installers
  • Added - DMZ Gateway Enterprise - allows multiple EFT Servers to connect to the gateway
  • Corrected a problem with settings not being applied until a service restart occurred
  • Corrected a stability problem that occured under certain high traffic conditions
  • Corrected "Register on Web" button in EFT DMZ Gateway as it wasn't launching the registration web page
  • Corrected listing issue with NLST (ls) being unable to produce a directory listing when connecting via PORT mode over the DMZ Gateway
  • Corrected a thread dead-lock in the DMZ Gateway that would manifest itself under certain conditions
  • Corrected a display issue in the DMZ Gateway where it was showing a negative number of active connections
  • Corrected an issue with the Help About -> Registration information being lost upon reboot of the DMZ Gateway server
  • Corrected crashing defect with DMZ Gateway server when stopping the service while transferring data
  • Corrected active mode FTP connections to bind to command channel port – 1
  • Corrected issue with ports closing properly when connection is closed
  • Added pong response to EFT Server ping message sent to DMZ Gateway Server to keep Peer Notification Channel alive
  • Fixed issue where DMZ Gateway server incorrectly fragmented FTP responses to client
  • Improved GUI when started in a Remote Desktop/Terminal Services instance
  • Corrected error in PASSIVE mode transfers to EFT Server when "Block Site to Site Transfers" was on
  • Corrected issue to honor PASV Mode Port Range values set in the peer EFT server.
  • Implemented "keep alive" message between EFT Server and Gateway to avoid network devices closing the peer notification channel because it is inactive.
  • Added support for GlobalSCAPE Enhanced File Transfer product for secure transactions across firewall boundaries with no inbound holes in firewall required