Realize the Power of Scalability, Business Continuity, and Efficiency with Globalscape® and F5®

Maximize Operational Efficiency

Dealing with high network traffic can result in costly and inconvenient system downtime, disrupting service or mission critical processes. Now you can control spikes in network traffic, minimize scalability limitations, and maximize the efficiency of large and complex customer environments.

Globalscape has joined the F5® Technology Alliance Program, providing a proven managed file transfer solution for interoperability of F5 BIG-IP® Local Traffic Manager™ (BIG-IP LTM®) with Globalscape's managed file transfer platform, Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™) Enterprise with High Availability (HA), to secure enterprise data at rest and in transit, without interruption.

Reduce System Downtime

With EFT's High Availability active-active clustering, productivity can be reliably preserved even during periods of peak activity or technical difficulty. The result is seamless access to business assets 99.999 percent of the time. EFT with HA and BIG-IP LTM helps organizations meet service-level agreements with "always on" availability of the network, ensuring that employees have seamless access to their mission-critical applications and data.

Deliver scalability, business continuity and efficiency with the integral component of application traffic management for enterprise applications.

Ongoing Collaboration

EFT Enterprise with High Availability and F5 BIG-IP LTM is a solution that can be deployed across large and complex customer environments. A secure, efficient framework for ongoing collaboration can be established for ongoing collaboration and operational efficiency.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Access and transfer files despite peak network traffic periods
  • Horizontal scalability to support larger workloads
  • Smoother implementation of role-based, workload-sharing deployments
  • Traffic management and distribution for increased efficiency
  • Client connectivity, even when processing resource-intensive workflows