Introducing Kenetix: One Platform to Integrate All of Your Cloud Applications

If you were to guess, how many cloud applications would you say your organization uses? 50? 100?

Multiply that number by 10 and you would be closer to the true scale. The average organization today has more than 1,400 cloud applications. While we have better access to data than ever before, few of these applications are able to talk to one another. How is your marketing team supposed to combine and analyze data from Salesforce and Marketo? How is your sales team going to know if a customer is having an issue when you have customer tickets in Zendesk, which doesn’t connect to Dynamics CRM?  

It’s become clear that while cloud applications have aided organizations of all sizes, they have done little to break down traditional data silos that have plagued organizations for 20 years. What’s more, the need to integrate this sprawling landscape of applications is at best another problem for IT to attend to, and at worst thriving outside of IT’s control.

To solve this problem and connect disjointed cloud applications, we’re proud to introduce Kenetix™ our integration platform as a service (also known as iPaaS) solution. Kenetix is the simplest and most powerful method to integrate a variety applications.

Integrations that traditionally take months can be completed in as little as 20 minutes. With more than 120 connectors and counting, Kenetix can integrate anything from social media services to ERP systems. It can also create complex event-driven processes to remove painstaking manual work from the equation.

Kenetix allows any employee with knowledge of the systems and data they’re trying to integrate to do so with ease, without coding skills or specialized knowledge of APIs. With its enterprise-grade security, Kenetix’s democratized approach enables business users to quickly complete their integration tasks while IT can rest assured that sensitive corporate data is secure.

Speed of integration and ease of use are very compelling to business users, but Kenetix has a lot to offer to IT as well. In the hands of an IT architect Kenetix is a very powerful orchestration framework. It allows organizations to quickly create, publish and integrate microservices—small pieces of functionality that evolve independently, can be built as quickly as needed, and can be changed and reused. The result is a more agile and efficient organization.

With Kenetix, your organization is hours or days away from being more agile, more connected, and more competitive than ever before. I encourage you to try Kenetix today and unleash the power of your data with Kenetix.