Globalscape® Releases EFT™ Arcus 7.4.14

We are excited to announce the release of the latest version of EFT Arcus. This new version introduces several security and compliance-related enhancements, while also improving performance, compatibility, collaboration, and automation capabilities.  

Data Protection at All Stages

Protecting data at rest is a critical component of secure managed file transfer solutions. In EFT Arcus v7.4.14 we’ve enhanced this capability by introducing the Encrypted Folders feature. This is a new feature that automatically and transparently encrypts or decrypts data in designated encrypted folders and in network shares using EFT-managed AES-256 symmetric encryption. EFT’s encrypted folders provide streaming encryption (and decryption), enabling transparent, seamless file read/write. Any file touched by EFT’s protocols (either as a server or as a client) is automatically encrypted (or decrypted) on arrival or departure, as appropriate.

Automation for Streamlined User Management

In EFT Arcus v7.4.14, we’ve introduced a new top-level action to EFT’s Event Rules called “User Account.” This action lets administrators automate and streamline common user management actions, such as locking, banning, or even deleting users directly from within the event rules. 

Evolving the Single-Sign-On Experience

The Single-Sign-On (SSO) experience has become a must have for end-users as well as any business entity requiring secure, easy user authentication. SAML-facilitated SSO alleviates end-user password fatigue and increases the seamless access of desired content with a single entry of credentials. In EFT Arcus v7.4.14, we added support for "Just in time" (JIT) provisioning, which further streamlines the process across authentication scenarios.

Person-to-Person File Transfer Enhancements

In EFT Arcus v7.4.14, Globalscape is rolling out redesigned portions of the user interface and functionality for the Web Transfer Client (WTC) and associated Workspaces features and functions. This is intended to improve the user experience across browser-based access points from mobile devices to workstations.  The new look and feel includes enhancements to existing functionality as well as new features requested by customers:
•    New Design:  Workspaces Registration, Reset Password, and Forgot Username and Password pages
•    New Features: Password Complexity Requirements exposed to end-user, Customizations, and Localizations

Enhanced Security Standards Compatibility

 In EFT Arcus v7.4.14 we updated the OpenSSL and OpenSSH libraries to the latest versions. These newer libraries are one of the most important reasons why we upgraded to this latest EFT Arcus version. 

In EFT Arcus v7.4.14 we’ve made behind-the-scenes security improvements as well, including:
•    More robust Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) mitigation techniques
•    Secured session cookies
•    Enhanced cache-control directives
•    Improved HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) directives

For EFT Arcus v7.4.14 release notes and details, please read more here.
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