Why Choose Globalscape EFT?

Industry Leaders

Every business has specific needs when it comes to secure file transfers. That's why Fortra's Globalscape EFT offers a flexible and secure MFT solution. Through both Globalscape EFT and Globalscape EFT Arcus (MFTaaS), we provide powerful and versatile tools for automation, collaboration, security, and analytics, giving you the means to control and optimize your file transfer management.

See why customers and third-party reviewers worldwide have praised Globalscape as a "leader" in the 2022 Software Reviews Data Quadrant Report by scheduling a demo today.

Quadrant report showing Globalscape EFT as a leading solution

How Globalscape EFT Stacks Up

Globalscape EFT consistently ranks above the industry average for customer satisfaction in many key metrics, here are just a few:

MetricsGlobalscape EFTIndustry Average
Ease of Use92%87%
Performance and Reliability96%92%

Source: G2 Grid Report for Managed File Transfer, Fall 2021

What Customers Are Saying

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20% to 30% Faster

"Globalscape EFT is more efficient at moving things around than our previous other applications...If I am connecting to someone over the Internet or transmitting for the client, the speed of transmitting those files through SFTP is 20% to 30% faster than our previous automated solution."

-Harold Mandarino, Systems Supervisor at FIS

IT Support Efficiency

"[Globalscape EFT] allows us to use automated scripts. It is very important because as IT staff, we do function automation and data integration. It takes the burden away from business and IT support from having to manually do that."

-Joe Polimeni, IT Infrastructure at Aqua America

Time Savings

"[Globalscape EFT] provides end-to-end information, allows us to create configuration rules without scripting knowledge, and saves a lot of time."

-V. Janga, AstraZeneca

Centralized Platform

"[Globalscape EFT's] centralized platform is excellent for the management of file transfer operations. It is important because of the volume of customers going to several thousand different servers across different networks. We're talking about 300,000 to 400,000 files daily going to multiple places, so it's better than having hundreds of servers deployed. It makes it streamlined and manageable."

-J. Starkweather, Senior Cloud Engineer