Globalscape Support

World-class services and support for your organization

Globalscape’s Support team helps you get the most out of your EFT platform. Our support engineers act as your partner, sharing best practices, addressing pain points, and assisting with process development.

Why Globalscape Support?

  • You’ll benefit from the assistance of a professional, highly trained, North American-based team
  • You can rest easy knowing support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Our team provides best-in-class customer support, achieving a 98% customer satisfaction score and a +68 Net Promoter Score (+50 is considered Excellent)


Globalscape’s offers different support packages so you can choose which one best meets the needs of your business. Each package is designed to help you maximize the value of your Globalscape products and drive better outcomes for you and your team.


Designed for small to mid-size organizations that need only break/fix and Web-based support during normal business hours. Only available with EFT Express licenses.

Basic offers:

Web and chat-based support


Designed for growing businesses that would benefit from deployment configurations, migration and best practices advice, as well as live (telephone) support from support engineers.

Professional offers all of the features of our Basic support level, plus:

Faster initial response times 

Priority case handling 

Remote support (at Globalscape’s discretion) 

Access to Globalscape’s Beta program 


Designed for mid-size to large organizations that require fast access to support resources with 24x7 support availability for critical issues, as well as priority response handling and resolution from a senior technical team.

Premier offers all the features of our Professional support level, plus: 

24x7 support for critical (Severity Level 1) problems 

Faster initial response times than Professional Support Plan holders 

Priority case handling (over Professional Support Plan holders) 

Direct access to senior technical support engineer team (no “triage”) 

1 patch per build (when necessary) 

Annual case review 


Designed for large enterprises with complex environments that require dedicated, personalized, proactive support around the clock from a seasoned Technical Account Manager. Includes a complimentary Health Check and 1-Day Onsite Review.

Expert offers all the features of our Premier support level, plus: 

Dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) 

24x7 support for severe (Severity Levels 1 and 2) problems 

Fastest initial response times 

Highest priority case handling 

Priority patches 

Quarterly case review 

Annual Health Check

1 onsite system review per year 

Access to source code escrow program (additional fee)