How to Stop the Application Apocalypse

Application integration: is it heavenly or giving you hell?

In “Cloud Computing Trends 2017,” SkyHigh Networks reported that organizations managed an average of 1,400 cloud applications, on top of many other services, tools, and technologies. This type of fragmented IT ecosystem is incredibly challenging for organizations.

Disparate IT infrastructures reduce operational visibility, control, and governance. What's the end result? IT isn't enabled to operate at optimal levels of efficiency. What's more, employees within an organization's various lines of business are not empowered with the access to the data required to succeed, from the customer-facing employee all the way to the marketing executive. 

In the end, the business may suffer and have to deal with the missed opportunities that result from inefficiencies and fragmented access to business information.

However, you can fight back and win against the application apocalypse. In our latest guide, you will learn:

  • Three common application integration scenarios
  • How the digital transformation will enhance connectivity
  • Five key considerations when looking for integration platforms
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