The Gaping Holes in Your Security

Your IT team understands the importance of securing the network against data breaches from external threats. Regardless of your efforts, data breaches usually begin at home, inside your network, because of lax or unenforced security policies.

Insider threats are now the most prevalent data incidents, representing nearly 70% of all data leaks.* 

 Are you doing enough to prevent the data leaks?

Have you...

  • Secured your firewall,
  • Made your employees change their passwords every 90 days,
  • Ensured that users’ laptops are using hardened security settings,
  • Implemented an annual, required security briefing on the importance of strong passwords and locking the keyboard when leaving your desk?

That's not enough. An organization needs a good layered security policy with multiple layers of defense to protect against these incidents. The security policy should educate users about how they can help protect company information and the consequences if they don’t.

In this whitepaper we discuss three of those layers most commonly targeted: the network, the data, and the users.

*2016 Data Security Incident Report, BakerHostetler 

gaping holes in your security