4 Ways EFT Arcus Saves You Time and Money

EFT Arcus: A Feature-rich Cloud MFT Platform

Scalable, Affordable, Reliable, and Secure

These words describe EFT Arcus, Globalscape's SaaS managed file transfer platform. EFT Arcus is designed to dissolve barriers to data flow. It can help your organization cut costs and increase operational efficiency, while keeping your data secure. EFT Arcus combines the rich feature list of our on-premises EFT platform with all of the benefits of the cloud, including:

  • Scalability  -- Keeping your business nimble and able to quickly respond to changing demands
  • Affordability -- Uses a flexible consumption-based pricing model, so that you only pay for what you use
  • Reliability -- Features built-in redundancies to protect against outages
  • Security -- Hosted on facilities that offers a high level of security and compliance certifications 

Download this whitepaper to learn more about how EFT Arcus can help your organization.