BAM Helps Maximize Your EFT Investment

Show me more! We heard you loud and clear and are pleased to offer you and your non-administrative users more visibility into Globalscape EFT activity as well as more resource-saving self-service options to help you meet your SLAs and compliance requirements with less resources needed from your IT administrators and help desks.

To maximize your investment in EFT MFT, Fortra’s Globalscape EFT development and technical teams worked with Platinum Partner, Accolm to deliver a web-based tool (Accolm BAM) designed to help reduce costs by providing self-service capabilities, support administrative and support in detecting and resolving problems faster, and reducing workloads.

Discover how adding BAM to your EFT environment provides the transparency and self-serve benefits needed in today’s changing work environment, often stretched thin with fewer human resources.

This 45-minute, customer-exclusive webinar, led by Richard Foresyth, Solutions Engineer, Fortra, explores how BAM can offer your organization more for your EFT investment. He’ll address a few considerations around business activity monitoring, including:

  • Real-time visibility into EFT, MFT, and third-party transactions
  • BAM dashboard: Shows key performance indicators in charts and numbers
  • Alert feature: Which notifies you if expected files have not been delivered on time so you can monitor if critical SLAs are being met
  • How to deliver self-service capabilities to different departments, reducing time and costs associated with administration and support
  • Advanced security and fine-grained access control
  • Faster problem detection and resolution with BAM support