Over 2 Million Files Securely Transferred for Global Financial Services Company

Challenge: A well-known global U.S.-based financial services company, with more than $10B in assets, provides services to consumers and commercial clients. The company employs nearly 10,000 people, and manages close to 500 retail banking establishments across North America. The financial data of their retail banking consumers and commercial clients is critical to the company’s day-to-day operations.

The financial services company’s legacy file transfer solution was used in their corporate office to run their commercial payroll from their retail clients across the U.S., as well as their retail banking establishments. It simply could not handle the required high volume of sensitive data transfers. Transfers were often incomplete or slow to process. Additionally, the legacy solution lacked effective automation capabilities, which added more work on an overburdened IT department as they attempted to provide temporary fixes or implement manual transfers. They also had a difficult time tracking the large volume of transferred data. The lack of visibility and reporting capabilities placed them at an additional risk of failing compliance mandates.

Unwilling to allow the ineffective legacy file transfer system to damage the reputation of the nearly 200 year old company, they came to Globalscape for a solution to their data transfer challenges. 


Through EFT Enterprise and its advanced system of automation, Event Rules, the financial services company gained a fully integrated managed file transfer solution that saved time and reduced errors allowing for the automated processing of more than 2 million files. The company also saw markedly improved reliability and security over their sensitive consumer and commercial business financial data.

Additionally, the financial services company’s entire Automated Clearing House (ACH) business process is now run through EFT, which enables a secure FTP transmittal of sensitive data. The Federal Reserve mandates a reliable, secure and private infrastructure to manage financial data. The financial services company also leverages the Globalscape EFT platform to run commercial payroll for their retail clients across the U.S.

The financial services company was able to enforce data security management best practices through Globalscape’s Open PGP encryption technology. Through EFT, the financial services company was also able to ensure that they continuously met regulatory compliance with the market leading PCI Data Security Standard.


Currently, the financial services company transmits more than 2 million files per month using Globalscape’s EFT Enterprise platform. In light of a successful implementation of EFT Enterprise, the financial services company plans to deploy a second instance of EFT in a High Availability cluster within the next year, or what’s referred to as an “Active-Active” cluster, for full redundancy and disaster recovery across all key data centers in North America.

The company also no longer uses manual business processes for tracking compliance. Through EFT Enterprise, they now have a fast, reliable and secure automated reporting function for all federal compliance to ensure this data is protected.

Since the financial services company started using EFT Enterprise, they have expressed their continued confidence in the solution by stating: “Globalscape is the premiere system for securely transferring data for our retail commercial clients and confidential consumer financial data.”

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Globalscape Success Stories


  • EFT Enterprise
  • High Availability with Active-Active Clustering
  • OpenPGP module

Key Benefits

  •   More than 2 million files securely transfers monthly  
  •   Secure data management from local retail banks to corporate level
  •   Reliable and efficient data transfers
  •   Automated reporting for security and compliance