Luxury Retail Fashion Brand Strengthens Business Processes with Data Transfer Automation

Challenge: Like many organizations, a U.S. based luxury retail fashion brand needed to manage sensitive employee data for its Human Resources (HR) department, in addition to managing its strategic business analytics data for its marketing department.

The HR department used a cloud-based HR and Financial Management application, while the marketing department used a cloud-based analytics application. The company’s existing managed file transfer (MFT) system did not integrate well with either department’s application, which led to constant outages, failed file transfers, and an increase in overall inefficiencies during the company’s daily data exchange processes.

The company’s IT department lacked visibility over the data exchange processes between the network, and the cloud-based applications. The lack of visibility stifled the workflows and processes within each department, and caused the IT team to spend added time trying to identify problems within data transfer processes. Due to the high volume and complicated flows associated with the data, it was imperative that the company resolve the issues so that they could reap the benefits associated with the business applications, along with improving overall efficiency for the company.


The luxury retail fashion brand deployed EFT Enterprise to manage both sides of the secure file transfer process, between the company and its cloud-based applications. To address the high volume and complex flow of data, EFT’s high availability, “active-active” configuration provided a secure and reliable backup to both cloud-based applications. Through the advanced automation system that comes with EFT Enterprise, the luxury retail company automated auditing and reporting processes to further enhance visibility over network activity, while also supporting the company’s stringent security and compliance guidelines.


The rapid deployment and integration of EFT Enterprise ensured that the luxury retail fashion brand could get the optimal use out of both cloud-based applications. The company’s HR department gained additional visibility and security through EFT Enterprise, ensuring that all sensitive data remained secure and compliant. Through the high availability environment, the company increased its overall efficiencies and eliminated the problems that accompanied unexpected outages. Through the advanced automation system Event Rules, which comes with EFT Enterprise, the IT department implemented an automated audit and reporting process to ensure security and prevent the return of past problems with visibility. The IT department had quick access and knowledge over all network activity, which prevented security concerns and supported a better and more productive team.

Globalscape Success Stories


  •   EFT Enterprise
  •   High Availability with Active-Active Clustering
  •   Advanced Automation with Event Rules

Key Benefits

  •   Increased employee bandwidth by saving hundreds of man hours previously spent on manual data transfer processes
  •   Enhanced business analytics initiative, supporting big data analytics applications
  •   Met stringent security policies and industry compliance mandates
  •   Increased visibility through automated data delivery notifications

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