The Accidental Trojan Horse

Consumer cloud programs can inadvertently lead to security breaches

When an employee’s action puts information at risk or compromises compliance, usually there is no malicious intent. Rather, it’s a case of an employee doing everything possible to remain productive, but losing sight of security and compliance in the process.

Security regularly takes a backseat to productivity and efficiency. If IT staff has any hope of managing and securing the sensitive data in their organizations, they must provide solutions that easily integrate into the daily routines of end users.

IT teams need to truly understand the business need of file sharing if they want employees to follow policies and adopt the secure and managed tools that IT provides. Employees often don't understand the details of or reasoning behind their company’s IT policies. They just want to do their jobs!

Employees will find the easiest—not the most secure—workarounds

Today’s workforce expects instant access to information, and the ability to send and receive data at the press of a button. When corporate technology and tools are too difficult and cumbersome to use, employees will find a workaround.

Most often, that workaround is a consumer-grade file-sharing tool that they are used to using at home, such as personal email, consumer file-sharing sites, portable storage devices, and cloud storage services, all of which present unique and significant security and compliance risks to organizations.

Give employees tools they will use

Your employees need secure, easy-to-use tools to share work files, without violating workplace policies. Using these tools must not require additional training or take getting used to. Otherwise, productivity will suffer—or employees will continue to use unapproved methods.

That's why Globalscape created Workspaces™, the only enterprise file, synch, and share solution secure enough for the enterprise and as easy to use as consumer sharing solutions. Workspaces also supports versatile workflow automation while providing on-premises storage and file management.

No longer worry about sensitive work documents being exposed in the cloud. Contact Globalscape today, and keep enterprise data safely within your network.