SFT Rights Management

Digital Rights Management for Managed File Transfer

The Problem

Confidential information has become the most valuable asset for modern organizations. Sharing data is essential to doing business, but collaboration isn’t always secure. Organizations must protect themselves from threats and breaches by ensuring data is safe at every point of its journey.

The Solution

Securing documents in transfer and at rest with secure file transfer is an important step to protecting the data vital to your organization, trading partners, and customers. In a Zero Trust Security framework, no person or system attempting to access data is automatically trusted.

While Globalscape EFT can automatically move and encrypt files, adding Vera digital rights management (DRM) enables a Zero Trust approach to data protection. VVera works with Globalscape EFT to help organizations authenticate, verify, and limit access to data, while also encrypting data end-to-end. Wherever files travel, you have ultimate control and protection over them.

Paired Solutions for Data Security

Our managed file transfer and digital rights management tools secure and protect sensitive data through its entire life cycle, everywhere it travels, no matter its size, who has it, or where it’s stored. We help you protect confidential data at the point of its greatest vulnerability— when it’s being used by others, and while it travels outside your perimeters into unmanaged domains, devices, and applications. We do this by attaching encryption, security, and policy directly to the data itself, giving security practitioners and IT teams the power to control it, no matter where it goes.

The Fortra SFT Rights Management bundle gives organizations the ability to:

  • Securely and efficiently transfer files, outside and inside an organization
  • Protect or control files once they are transferred with MFT
  • Revoke and control file access for authorized individuals, wherever the file travels

Here are some common ways organizations can use this bundle:

  • Sending batch outbound file transfers and restricting their access to only those people/partners with a certain email domain
  • Uploading files to a shared collaboration folder and wrapping them in extra Vera encryption protection as files are shared and downloaded
  • Sending large files securely via email with Vera encryption and access control protection included
  • Tracking documents, even when they go outside of the organization and granting or revoking access at any time

How We Help

globalscape and vera pair for ultimate file protection

Why Choose Fortra for MFT and DRM?

More than 10,000 customers around the world rely on our data security solutions to automate their security administration, build secure environments, and reduce system vulnerabilities. Our solutions will simplify and scale security across your organization and our services will provide guidance on how to improve your security controls and our experienced support team will be there to help put our solutions to work for you.

Let Us Help Protect Your Data with SFT Rights Management

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