SFT Rights Management

Digital Rights Management for Managed File Transfer

The Problem

Sensitive data must get shared in the regular rhythms of business. And that data – whether it’s intellectual property (IP), personally identifiable information (PII), financial information, or M&A documents – must be protected at all costs.

For many organizations, security methods like PGP encryption are not enough because once files are downloaded and unencrypted, those files can still be shared with unauthorized recipients. They need a way to apply Zero Trust tenants to their file transfers.

Another common limitation is not being able to send large files securely and efficiently with external parties – a critical situation when trying to share proprietary manufacturing files, media, or sensitive video footage.

In addition, with growing regulatory, state, and government policies around file protection, companies also have to think about compliance.

The Solution

Securing documents in transfer and at rest with managed file transfer (MFT) is an important step to protecting the data vital to your organization, trading partners, and customers. In a Zero Trust Security framework, no person or system attempting to access data is automatically trusted.

While Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) can automatically move and encrypt files, adding Vera digital rights management (DRM) enables a Zero Trust approach to data protection. Vera works with Globalscape to help organizations authenticate, verify, and limit access to data, while also encrypting data end-to-end. Wherever files travel, you have ultimate control and protection over them them – for totally secure collaboration.

How it Works

globalscape and vera pair for ultimate file protection

  • Organization shares sensitive data – medical information, bank or credit cards, legal documents, manufacturing designs, etc.
  • Globalscape securely transfers the file, either via web browsers, PGP-encrypted email links, or automated workflows from one location to another.
  • Vera adds encryption that goes with the file wherever it goes (even after it’s downloaded), as well as the ability to track, monitor, and revoke access to files at any time
  • Files are protected, encrypted and controlled wherever they travel

Common Use Cases

  • Send a large file securely via email with encryption – so no matter who receives it, encryption stays with the file even after download and access can be revoked at any time.
  • Share files to shared folders – and wrap them in Vera protection so only authorized users can open and download the file, depending on policies, and once files are downloaded you still have control.
  • Upload files to web forms – and enable Globalscape to apply Vera DRM to each attachment, sending a Vera-protected download link to recipients and only allowing authorized individuals to access.

Globalscape Customer Requirements

Vera enhances Globalscape's file encryption for documents supported by the Vera plugin. Globalscape customers must own the Enterprise Actions Module.

Let Us Help Protect Your Data with MFT and DRM

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