Extending your secure file transfer solution to partners, suppliers, and clients can be difficult if they have to install extra software or pay for installation of expensive proprietary pieces just to work with your system. Let your users transfer with what they already have: a web browser. EFT can work with any modern web browser to provide secure file exchange over HTTPS in the Web Transfer Client (WTC).

All You Need is a Web Browser

The HTTP/S module gives your employees, customers, and partners an easy and secure connection to EFT™ to support browser-based transfers without having to install a web server. EFT is primarily a file transfer server, not a web server. This means EFT is not meant to “serve up” web pages that you view in your browser. With HTTP and HTTPS support, EFT takes advantage of the ease of use and wide installation base that web browsers already provide to enable a secure connection for file exchange. The HTTP/S module is included in EFT Enterprise, and can be enabled in EFT Express with the purchase of the module.

Exchange Files With EFT™ Securely

HTTPS is a secure protocol for accessing EFT when authentication and encrypted communication are needed. Using HTTPS in the URL instead of HTTP directs the message to a secure port rather than the default web port. HTTPS encrypts the session data using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol ensuring reasonable protection from eavesdroppers and man-in-the-middle attacks. EFT sends the client a certificate and a public key for encryption. If the client trusts EFT’s certificate, a secure connection can be established. All data passing from one side to the other will be encrypted. Only the client and EFT will be able to decrypt the data. Enabling HTTP and HTTPS transfers in the EFT administration interface requires an SSL certificate in EFT. All the end user needs to do is open a web browser and enter the address for EFT. Intuitive icons in the WTC make exchanging files with EFT easy—and the HTTP/S module keeps the transfer secure. HTTPS support in EFT enables cost-effective security for file exchange that’s easy for your employees, customers, and partners to use.

For more advanced file sharing features, ask your account manager about EFT Workspaces—the file sharing and collaboration tool built for security and compliance.

WTC Requirements

  • Latest release of one of the browsers tested:
  • Browser must have Javascript and cookies enabled