A Globalscape EFT Customer Successfully Merges Networks and Migrates Data After Acquiring a Financial Services Business

The client, who uses EFT to manage large amounts of aggregated real estate market data, recently merged with a financial services organization. They asked Globalscape for help combining disparate networks and merging databases into a unified EFT platform. Using several existing modules from EFT’s robust product suite, Globalscape’s engineers create a successful solution. The client was able to implement the solution quickly and reduce risk by using EFT’s Migration service to assist with related server migrations.

Post-Merger Disparate Systems and Multiple Administrators Caused Costly Overhead

After the acquisition, the client experienced increased overhead costs due to the management of separate networks and siloed databases. Globalscape was tapped to combine the two organizations’ networks into the EFT platform. In addition to merging the database records, the combining of the two separate systems into EFT required migrating user accounts.
The organization had the following goals for this project:

  • Reduce cost and overhead by reducing the number of administrators required
  • Create new EFT environment for the acquired organization
  • Design a single, centrally managed platform
  • Migrate users from the acquired organization’s network platform into new platform
  • Implement the new platform quickly, fully tested, and with low risk of failure

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