From travel to communications, a large corporation in the United Kingdom, with more than 60 subsidiaries, including a major airline, and more than 70 thousand employees worldwide, provides air transportation for more than 5 million travelers every year.

Many of the organization’s subsidiaries have deployed Globalscape managed file transfer (MFT) software in their networks, but some still use “homegrown” file transfer systems that are not efficient and less secure than is needed in today’s complex networking environments.

The client looked to Globalscape to provide solutions that include:

  • Secure data transfer 
  • Integration with backend systems 
  • B2B gateway 
  • Active-Passive cluster for improved uptime

Thanks to the quick and easy integration with the company’s backend systems (Biztalk and others) “out of the box,” there was very little disruption to their existing BizTalk processes during setup. Globalscape’s EFT and DMZ Gateway replaced their legacy file transfer process with modern, automated processes and seamless integration. The customer now has better visibility into those processes and, with the active-passive cluster configuration, improved Recovery Time Objective (RTO) in the case of service disruption, which results in much less risk in transactions.