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Upgrading from Previous Version

Upgrade to the current version and try new modules for free for 30 days. At the end of the free trial, if you decide to activate the new modules, contact the Customer Service Team for a new license.

Before upgrading, contact the Customer Service Team to obtain a new registration serial number or to determine your eligibility for an upgrade.

It is extremely important that you follow the upgrade instructions.

Change Logs
Current Version
EFT Enterprise v 8.0.6

EFT Administration

  • Support block probing attempts in HTTP/S (DoS DDoS Flood) (TFS 380511)

  • Added ability to create users in Guest Users template for LDAP or AD configured sites (TFS 380301)

Advanced Properties

  • Added ability for Auto-ban to ignore unauthorized (anonymous) access to the defined paths (AutoBanAnonymousUnauthorizedAccessServicePathAllowList). Default value set to None (TFS 380511)

  • Added ability for Auto-ban to ban IP address on authorized (anonymous) access to defined paths (AutoBanAnonymousUnauthorizedAccessServicePathBlockList). Default value set to None (TFS 380511)

  • Added ability to enable or disable ARM BatchSQL feature so SQL requests can be applied one at a time as previous EFT 7.4 versions (DisableARMBatchSQL). Default set to false (TFS 381135, Case 92284)

  • Added ability to use multiple methods for ICAP Services (REQMOD AND RESPMOD) on the same URI (ICAPAllowMultipleMethodsForOneURI ). Default set to false (TFS 381063, Case 90968)

  • Added ability for EFT event rules not to intermediate encryption and decryption when transferring files to and from Encrypted Folders (IgnoreEncryptedFoldersInOutboundTransfers). Default set to false (TFS 380358)

  • Added ability to get file attributes via SFTP using FSTAT or LSTAT (SFTP2_ForceUseFSTAT). Default set to false (uses LSTAT) (TFS 380786, Case 89420)

  • Added ability to set list of user agents that are not allowed to bypass MFA (UserAgentHeaderMustUseOTP). Default set to None (TFS 379921, Case 87357)

  • Added ability to limit the number of workspaces that are cleaned up in a single pass so there is minimal EFT operational disruption (WorkspacesCleanupPortionSize). Default set to 1000 (TFS 379954, 380783, 380742, Case 90939, 87849, 91541, 92429)


  • Added support for SQL 2019 (TFS 70411)

COM API Added interfaces:

COM API Added properties:

COM API Added enums

Event Rules

  • Added new Ad-hoc (Workspaces) conditions (TFS 369704)

  • Added new Abort User Operation action (TFS 379474)

  • Added new Ad-hoc "Message Composed" workspace event (TFS 369702)

  • Added new Ad-hoc "Message Not Sent" workspace event (TFS 369702)

  • Added new Ad-hoc "Message Viewed" workspace event (TFS 369702)


  • Added ability to notify on PGP key rotation period (TFS 365341)

  • Added support for OpenPGP key metadata to easily identify PGP keys (TFS 376950)

Remote Agent

  • Added ability to import and export RAM rules (TFS 379187)


  • Support for TLS v1.3 (TFS 379224)


  • Added ability to map virtual folders to cloud storage (Beta) (TFS 379854)

Web Transfer Client (WTC) & Workspaces

  • Added support for pagination of directory listings (TFS 377878)


EFT Administration

  • Enabled admin timeout by default (TFS 379177)

  • Updated IP Access Rules GUI Reason column with left justification (instead of center justification) (TFS 381371)

  • Updated IP Ban UI to address minor usability issues (TFS 380510)

  • Added option for additional parameters for Mainframe support in the Copy/Move action (TFS 380510, Case 62599)

  • Added ability to set Per-user folder encryption key (TFS 380358)

Advanced Properties

  • Enabling/Disabling AutoSelectPGPCiphers will override any value set by AP PGPEncryptingAlgorithm

  • Removed support for Bitvise libary AP UseLegacySFTP (TFS 379787)

Event Rules

  • Updated the wording for direction options for Protocol Synchronize Action (TFS 381602)

  • Updated all EFT action user-input fields that are non-password fields (and are not validated) to accept template variables in addition to context variables (TFS 380672)

  • Updated secret/password fields that are masked, if the value entered starts with < and ends with > it will be interpreted as a template variable (TFS 380672)

  • EFT will now provide informative error when using a variable and a test/browse option is exercised and the variable has not been ascertained (TFS 380111)

  • Renamed "Before Workspace Deleted" event to "Workspace Before Delete" (TFS 369702)

  • Renamed "User invited to Workspace" event to "Workspace Invitation Sent" (TFS 369702)

  • Renamed "User Joins Workspace" event to "Workspace Joined by User" (TFS 369702)

  • Renamed "User Removed from Workspace" event to "Workspace User Removed" (TFS 369702)



  • Bundled SQL 2019 Express in EFT (TFS 380827)

  • Updated sqlite library (TFS 380669)

EFT Outlook Add-In


  • Updated log4net library (TFS 380677)


  • Updated SSL Library to 1.1.1k (TFS 379224)

  • Support for 102 Processing (TFS 380278)

Web Transfer Client (WTC) & Workspaces

  • WTC will now display the messages sidebar when either Folder Sharing or Send/Request portal is enabled (TFS 380719, Case 90387)


Other Fixes

EFT Administration

  • Fixed an issue where locked accounts were treated as invalid (TFS 380477)

  • Fixed an issue where memory leak could occur with a misconfigured DMZ setting (TFS 381504)

  • Fixed an issue where site search would not search in user's home folder (TFS 380886, Case 91116)

  • Fixed an issue where EFT admins were unable to be added with Windows Auth when Password Complexity was enabled (TFS 380095, Case 87974)

  • Fixed an issue where changing a SAS token on a connection profile for an Azure Blob storage could not be applied (TFS 380520, Case 89967)

  • Fixed an issue where a deadlock could prevent EFT admins from connection to the console (TFS 379734, Case 87346)

  • Fixed an issue where the EFT Admin GUI could crash under certain conditions (TFS 379348, Case 85887)

  • Fixed an issue where EFT would fail to use FTP port 20 when configured with a DMZ Gateway (TFS 381064, Case 92399)

  • Fixed an issue where upgrades to EFT 8.0.5 from 8.0.2 could fail (TFS 380485, Case 89452)


  • Fixed an issue where the logos were not displayed at the bottom of EFT Report Admin Authentications (TFS 380272)

  • Fixed an issue where the Oracle batch SQL procedure could not execute some procedures that execute one at a time (TFS 381135, Case 92284)

Event Rules

  • Fixed an issue where USER.LOGIN variable was not available in IP Banned event (TFS 380481)

  • Fixed an issue where AS2 related system variables were not being populated in AS2 Outbound transaction failure (TFS 380484, Case 89130)

  • Fixed an issue where the Upload Form radio button would allow more than 3 values to be configured (TFS 379572, Case 86470)

  • Fixed an issue where a PDF file corruption could occur when generating a report event rule in the Send Email action (TFS 379588, Case 84924)

  • Fixed an issue where event rule priority was lost after upgrade (TFS 380947, Case 92028)

  • Fixed an issue where event rule change log was lost after upgrade (TFS 381011, Case 91317)

HA (High Availability)

  • Fixed a race condition where the HA worker node for folder monitor event rule would stop (TFS 380328, Case 87345)

  • Fixed an issue where Node-specific parameters were lost after upgrading an HA cluster from 7.4 to 8.0 (TFS 379685, Case 87111)

  • Fixed an issue where a folder monitor would fail proper delegation after upgrade (TFS 381016, Case 92252)


  • Fixed an issue where ICAP metadata (subject and message) were not being redacted. (TFS 380453)



  • Fixed an issue where the logger would not capture final failed event that resulted in the user getting banned (TFS 380479)

  • Fixed an issue where logging was missing for failed AD authentication attempt (TFS 380617, Case 90013)

EFT Outlook Add-in

  • Fixed an issue where the OAI failed to find email addresses for Azure AD guest accounts (TFS 379932, Case 87125)

OpenPGP module

  • Fixed an issue where PGP actions could overwrite existing encrypted/decrypted files (TFS 381010)

  • Fixed an issue where the logger would no longer present the file path (TFS 380216, Case 89177)

  • Fixed an issue where AutoSelectPGPCiphers AP would no longer work after an upgrade (TFS 377885, Case 82898)

Remote Agent (RAM)

  • Fixed an issue where the logger would report error 196615 (TFS 380353)


  • Fixed an issue where file timestamps were not properly synchronized over SFTP (TFS 380296)

  • Fixed an issue where SFTP resume transfers could fail due to case sensitivity (TFS 380932, Case 91698)

Web Transfer Client (WTC) & Workspaces

  • Fixed an issue where the termsOfServiceConsent cookie was not marked as secure (TFS 379966)

  • Fixed an issue where invitation module failed to complete cleanup procedure (TFS 381039)

  • Fixed an issue where Workspace links would no longer display contents in some fields after upgrade (TFS 379754, Case 87279)

  • Fixed an issue where EFT could crash when two workspaces expire simultaneously (TFS 379954, Case 87849)

  • Fixed an issue where EFT service would not stop when WorkspaceInviteExpirationPerdioDays was set to 0 (TFS 380245, Case 88355)

  • Fixed an issue where file(s) would not be deleted from incomplete Workspace folder (TFS 380883, Case 91235)

  • Fixed an issue where uploads would fail when exceeding the upload chunk size (TFS 380823, Case 90905)

  • Fixed an issue where automatic downloads would fail on first attempt (TFS 381024, Case 91311)

Change Log
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