Securely share manufacturing files with partners and vendors

Whether your company manufactures semiconductors, automobiles, packaged foods, or textiles, the back-office operations, from accounting to inventory to sales, need to exchange files internally and with external suppliers, vendors, and other partners. To keep their businesses running, many manufacturing companies rely on Globalscape secure file transfer solutions for reliable transferring and sharing of files and secure information exchange

  Secure File Transfer

Collaborate with your manufacturing partners and vendors anywhere in the world

Globalscape simplifies collaboration with a file replication and synchronization solution that can work across domains between multiple organizations. End users access their files from within Windows Explorer or other Windows file system locations, just like always, whether the file is located in New York or New Delhi. Reduce 95% of network traffic, and make business decisions faster with minimal latency and real-time operational data.

  Wide Area File Services (WAFS)

Monitor and control manufacturing information from one location

Configure, deploy, and manage information and policies from a central location. Track, audit, and guarantee delivery of files. Globalscape solutions can turn your complicated, archaic transmission environment into simple, efficient secure file sharing with increased productivity and control across a wide range of operational and support departments.

  Enterprise Secure File Sharing