EFT Certified to Work with Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Cisco recommends SFTP servers that have been certified to work with Cisco, such as the Globalscape® EFT™ platform.

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Globalscape's EFT software is certified by Cisco to interoperate with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), supporting all SFTP based transfers. Since 2012, CUCM customers have been using EFT (formerly Secure FTP Server) as their SFTP server to backup and restore all CUCM data to/from a network location, transfer call detail records and trace/log files to one or more network locations, and upgrade from a network location instead of DVDs, USBs, or other insecure options.

Tested and Ready

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Certified for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) Version 11.5

EFT offers strong security and automation capabilities for Cisco CallManager customers, including:

  • Backup and restore all Cisco CallManager data to/from a network location
  • Upgrade from network location instead of DVD
  • Push Call Detail Records to a network location
  • Push trace/log files to a network location
  • Quick installation and deployment