Changes in 3.5
  • Rebranding
  • FAST license now expires on September 12, 2018 with the latest DMZ build
  • Support for SSL/TLS between EFT and DMZ (PNC SSL+)
  • Support for EFT remote administration via the DMZ Gateway (MX via DMZ)
  • Support for EFT to share the admin IP access/ban list with the DMZ Gateway

Complete Version History

Current Version

For information about supported operating systems and requirements, see the Help topic titled System Requirements for DMZ Gateway.


Please contact your account representative for a DMZ Gateway version 3 serial number if upgrading from version 2.

New Installations

DMZ Gateway - Windows 64-bit

3.5 57.9 MB

DMZ Gateway - Linux 64-bit

3.5 54.8 MB

DMZ Gateway - Solaris 64-bit

3.3 68 MB