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Professional Services Overview

Professional Services

Globalscape offers a range of professional services to complement your product solutions.

  • Product customization and system integration
  • Solution quickstart implementation
  • Business process and workflow
  • Policy development
  • Education and training

Professional Services

Maximize your Globalscape product investment with a broad range of professional services.

Globalscape offers a range of professional services to complement your product solutions including product customization and system integration, quickstart implementations, business process and workflow, policy development, and education and training.

Product Customization and System Integration

With Globalscape's Product Customization and System Integration services you can customize the branding, reporting, and administration capabilities of our solutions.

Custom branding services allow you to incorporate logos, different fonts, colors, hyperlinks, and additional text within the Web Transfer Client used with Globalscape’s EFT platform.

Custom reporting services leverage the flexibility and power of Globalscape’s Auditing and Reporting (ARM) Module to deliver formatting and content specific to the needs of your organization, using data tracked within EFT. Custom reporting services also can provide your organization with a web browser-accessible reporting module for the Enhanced File Transfer Server solution. This module allows users to generate reports without requiring administrative access to the Enhanced File Transfer Server.

Custom administration and system integration services provide web-based administration and development capabilities for EFT. A browser-accessible administrative module facilitates sub-domain administration of Enhanced File Transfer Server through separation of duties. The web-based user provisioning does not require full administrative access to the Enhanced File Transfer Server and provides convenient access without the need to install client software. Other web services-based customizations expose much of the functionality within the Enhanced File Transfer Server COM API, thereby allowing integration with your existing IT infrastructure via open standards


  • Customized Installations
  • Installation and Customization Documentation
  • Installers

Solution Quickstart Implementation

Globalscape’s Quickstart Implementation services accelerate implementation of our file transfer solutions within your organization. Our engineers will lead the product installation and configuration and provide training and knowledge transfer to your administrators.

Quickstart Implementation services are available for the EFT and Wide Area File Services (WAFS) secure information exchange solutions.


  • Requirements documentation
  • Implementation Plan
  • Configuration Documentation

Business Process and Workflow

Business process and workflow integration can dramatically improve the efficiency of your file transfer solution. Globalscape’s Business Process and Workflow services include workflow site surveys and implementation of the Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE) for EFT.


  • Business process documentation for file transfers
  • Recommendations for process automation
  • Workflow installation and use documentation
  • Installed Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE)

Policy Development

Globalscape’s Policy Development service provides independent assurance that your organization’s file transfer solution addresses regulatory requirements and corporate policies. Our security and IT professionals will help you develop a custom Secure File Transfer Policy based on Globalscape best practices.


  • Map of your existing file transfer policies, standards, and procedures
  • Recommended improvements based on Globalscape Best Practices
  • Updated policy documentation with approved improvements

Education and Training

Globalscape's Education and Training services provide classroom and hands-on instruction for implementing, maintaining, and optimizing our secure information exchange solutions. Intermediate and advanced classes cover the use of EFT. Globalscape also provides business process instruction tailored to the Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE). We can deliver training at your facility or from our San Antonio location.


  • Training Materials
  • Solution Documentation