We are excited to announce the latest release of EFT™ v8.0.2. This new version introduces: a new "Secrets" module, a ground-up rewrite of the Web Transfer Client and Workspaces, added security features for P2P transfers, and more. The bulk of this release was derived directly from client requests.

New Secrets Module: Enhancing Your Data Protection, Compliance, and Cloud Initiatives 

Our development team has added a Secrets module to EFT, which allows you to specify a storage location for passwords, authentication tokens, passphrases, and other security artifacts used by the Site. As an EFT Admin, you can specify whether you want to store secrets:

  • Locally, encrypting them with EFT's master secret
  • In Azure Key Vault (AKV) via authentication token
  • In Azure Key Vault (AKV) via Managed Identities 

This new functionality allows our on-premises MFT to connect to a cloud storage location using Azure Data Leak Storage. Admins of EFT can leverage AKV for multiple "secrets" used by EFT so that security and trust can be centralized, rather than distributed across applications. Having the ability to "hook" into the AKV increases security and control over keys and passwords and reduces latency with cloud scale and global redundancy. For more information on the Secrets module and to see which secrets are stored, click here

Increasing Security for Your End-Users

We understand how important it is for your IT team to have oversight and control over the data going into and out of your organization by end-users. Passcode requirements, now an option in your Workspaces, can require your users to create a passcode (e.g., a 4- or 6-digit pin) before sending files. The sender is responsible for getting the passcode to the recipient to unlock the data received. This new added functionality will provide a sigh of relief to EFT administrators that want senders to require an "out-of-band" passcode before accessing files as an extra layer of protection in case of message forwarding or a mistyped recipient address. 

New Release, New Look for the Web Transfer Client 

The Web Transfer Client (WTC) and Workspaces had a makeover! Our development team has done a ground-up rewrite redesigning the WTC inspired by design best practices. The various portals (request file, drop-off, send, and pick-up) have gotten a new look as well as major performance improvements. Our development team also added the ability to use "Secure Send" in the Outlook Add-in to send a secure message without an attachment. The recipient of the message has to download the message to view the body of the email. 

The EFT v8.0.2 release represents the latest in Globalscape's 20+ year tenure in providing clients a data management solution that is powerful, secure, and helps facilitate compliance with today's most stringent privacy laws and regulations across multiple industries.

Content Integrity Control Added to EFT Express Security Module 

The Content Integrity Control Action is used to send a file to an antivirus or data loss prevention scanner for processing. When this Action is added, a file that triggers the Event Rule is sent to an ICAP server for scanning. When the file passes the scan, other Actions can occur, such as moving the file to another location. If the file fails the scan, processing can stop, or other Actions can occur, such as sending an email notification. The CIC action is now available in the Express Security module. 

Upgrade Today! 

For the full list of added functionality and improvements, check out our release notes in your Client Success Portal. If you are ready to upgrade today,  you can download EFT v.8.0.2 in the portal as well. 

For questions, our client services team is ready to take your call at 1-210-366-3993 or contact technical support here