Globalscape Plan Ahead™ Maintenance and Priority Support Plan

Maintenance and Priority Support Plan

Keep your systems running smoothly with Globalscape's Priority Support and Free Upgrades protection. Our extensive service and support can offer telephone
support, problem prevention, rapid resolution, increased uptime, and increased productivity - all at an affordable price. Additionally, all upgrades and
updates are available to you at no additional charge if requested or obtained during the term of your agreement.

You can buy Plan Ahead maintenance and support with your software at our Online Store or by calling 1-800-290-5054
or 1-210-308-8267.  You can also renew or purchase additional years of Plan Ahead maintenance and support by calling the numbers above.


Globalscape's Priority Support plan is available for EFT, Secure FTP Server, CuteFTP Home, CuteFTP Pro and Mail Express. For a complete list of supported
products, see our Knowledge Base article.

Contacting the Technical Support Team

By E-mail

Submit an inquiry to the Globalscape Technical Support team via our online form. 

Our Customer Service team can answer your questions about software activation and registration or help with
order problems.

Inquiries are answered via email in the order they are received, usually within one business day.  Please do not attempt to e-mail the support or
customer service teams directly. Your message will not be delivered.

By Phone

Priority Paid Tech Support Line

In order for us to help over the telephone, you must be covered by a Priority Support plan. For Priority Paid Technical Support, or to
purchase a Priority Support plan, call our support team at 1-210-366-3993.

We are open 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M., Monday through Friday, US Central time (Our offices are closed on weekends and for
major US holidays

Limitations on Technical Support

Technical support is limited to the reporting and correction of product defects and installation and configuration assistance. At this time, personal
technical support is available in English only. For assistance in other languages, please visit the User Forum. Technical support is provided in accordance
with the Globalscape End of Life (EOL) and Support Life Policy. For a complete list of supported products,
see our Knowledge Base article.

To be eligible for maintenance and technical support services, the main program as well as all associated add-on modules must be covered by an active
maintenance and support plan.

While we are happy to support your usage of our products and will help in overcoming any difficulties you may encounter, Technical Support does not include
advanced issues such as problems with COM development, HTML development, custom macro scripts, development of Web sites, or any other issues not directly
related to the workings of our software.

Note: Free technical support is not available over the telephone. To purchase or renew a maintenance and priority support subscription call our
sales team at 1-800-290-5054 (US or Can) or 1-210-308-8267 or use the Online Form.

About Free Upgrades & Updates

Globalscape periodically releases both major version upgrades and minor updates or maintenance releases of its software.

Releases for Licensed Software are categorized as Major Releases or Maintenance Releases:

  1. Major Release means a new release of the Licensed Software that incorporates the last Maintenance Release(s) (if any) and may include
    additional enhancements to the Licensed Software. Major Releases may include architectural changes and major feature changes, as well as new features
    and functionality. Major Releases are designated by the numbers immediately to the left and right of the decimal point, such as 1.0, 2.0, 2.1, etc. In
    general, we will issue a Major Release every nine (9) to eighteen (18) months.
  2. Maintenance Release means a release of the Licensed Software that provides cumulative Bug Fixes for a particular Major Release. A Maintenance
    Release typically does not contain new features or new functionality. Maintenance releases are made available to our customers via the Globalscape website
    and typically are provided as full versions of the Licensed Software that can be deployed as a new install or as an upgrade. Maintenance Release nomenclature
    adds a decimal and additional number to the right of the Major Release version number (e.g. 5.2.15, 6.0.11, etc.). In general, we will issue a Maintenance
    Release every three (3) to six (6) months.

Globalscape registration serial numbers are valid for all minor updates within the same major version. For example, a serial number for version 6.0 can
also be used for version 6.1, 6.2 or with any other 6.x version update, however the same serial number will not activate version 7.0 or any other major
version upgrade.

Eligible users that are covered by maintenance and support plan receive all major upgrades and minor updates that are publicly released during the term
of their agreement at no additional charge. Free upgrades must be requested or obtained while the maintenance and support plan remains in force. If the
maintenance and support plan expires and is not renewed, free upgrades cease to be available even if the relevant upgrade was publicly released during
the time that the expired maintenance and support plan was effective.