Saas file transfer

Is a SaaS Deployment Right for You?

The applications for MFT are as varied as the businesses that use the solutions. Because managed file transfer is important to such a wide range of businesses, it stands to reason that there are many ways that businesses...

multi-factor authentication globalscape

Multifactor Authentication

The classic username+password authentication to an account is only as secure as the security and complexity of the password. Globalscape EFT Enterprise integrates with SMS PASSCODE® to provide mobile-based, two-factor authentication for added security. ...

BYOD policy

How to Implement a Strong BYOD Policy

Developing a strong, comprehensive BYOD policy is the critical first step to finding success with the initiative. In general, it’s important to keep in mind the central goal of a BYOD policy: to protect the company’s data and...


Making a Case for MFT

Despite the wide offering of managed file transfer (MFT) solutions on the market today, the reality is that not all data exchange solutions are created equal.

file security evolution

File Security Evolution

The IT landscape has changed significantly in the last five years. Technology has advanced as well as the inherent challenges in securing it.

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