Moving Mountains: Tackling Disparate Systems with Data Integration

By 2018, 35% of enterprises will consolidate their data integration and application competencies as one team for aligning disciplines and technologies. (Gartner)

Your company didn’t start out with vast, dispersed business units. Often, the technologies are a mish-mash of homegrown or legacy systems and new solutions that all have their purpose, but ultimately don’t work well when paired together. In today’s ever changing technology landscape, it’s possible for an organization to quickly outgrow its IT environment.

Maintaining these disparate internal systems can be a huge headache, create potential security risks and ultimately be very costly.

In the guide, “Moving Mountains: Tackling Disparate Systems with Data Integration,” you can learn about the following:

  • Four signs that that you are facing a disparate systems challenge
  • What you can do to regain control over your IT infrastructure and disparate systems
  • The best solutions to help support your integration project