Partner Exclusive: What's New in Globalscape EFT 8.0.7?

We’re making it easier than ever to take advantage of all that the Globalscape EFT platform has to offer with simplified licensing and feature accessibility. Effective with the 8.0.7 release planned for January 2022, Globalscape EFT Express and EFT Enterprise will be combined into a single entity, Globalscape EFT.

This revised EFT offering eliminates the need for new customers to commit to specific modules before incorporating the Globalscape platform. Rather, they can customize their Globalscape experience by adding and removing desired modules as needed, enabling customers to personalize their environment, depending on their unique business needs.

Depending on the modules originally licensed, some customers may get a few more features with this new combination, at no additional cost.

In this video we'll cover:

  • The features now included in the core Globalscape EFT offering
  • An overview of the modules any Globalscape EFT customer (previous users of EFT Express or EFT Enterprise) can now license
  • Detailed illustration of how EFT Enterprise and EFT Express map to the new offering 
  • Upgrades for current users: rest assured, they will maintain all existing functionality and modules they have grown to rely on automatically.

We are excited to share this new offering with our partners and believe it better supports our customers' ability to personalize and scale their environments as they evolve.