Retail Distributor Accelerates Business with Fast File Transfers

Challenge: A global retail distribution company in Seattle, WA regularly exchanges files of different types and sizes, ranging from SLAs to product design documents, with a company in Hong Kong. They exchange the files over the internet using TCP/IP. However, when using TCP/IP, the larger sized files are split into "chunks" or packets. These packets go through the company's network in Seattle, through their local internet provider's network, over the regional gateways and networks, transmitted to satellites, and sometimes even transmitted across telephone lines.

Eventually, the packets that make up the file make it to the local network of the company on the other side of the world. Then another packet of information is returned to the originating server to acknowledge that the file was received. The process was not instantaneous. The process involved with splitting up the file and reassembling the file, on top of the sending of acknowledgements to ensure that there are no errors, in turn causes significant delays.

While the retailer didn’t experience any problems with their files reaching their final destination, they needed their files to transfer at a faster rate in order to meet business objectives. The slowness issues they experienced as a result of files transferred across a long distance was becoming a challenge.


  • EFT Enterprise
  • The Accelerate module

Key Benefits

  • Fast and secure file transfers across long distances
  • Reduce excessive delays that commonly accompany long distance file transfers
  • Meet business objectives