Globalscape® Accelerates Customer Onboarding Process By Integrating Key Apps With The Kenetix™ Platform

“Within 30 minutes of using Kenetix, I configured a complex automated workflow integration. Writing the code to automate the same integration would have taken me hours.
- Jason Wright, Globalscape DevOps Engineer

Globalscape, a worldwide leader in the secure movement and integration of data, recently launched EFT™ Arcus, the company’s award-winning flagship managed file transfer (MFT) technology deployed in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud platform. EFT Arcus dissolves barriers to data flow by reducing or (eliminating) costs and responsibilities associated with on-premises deployments.


Prior to the launch of EFT Arcus, Globalscape’s lead DevOps engineer Jason Wright found an opportunity to optimize the customer onboarding process during its final phase—sending out customized emails with user credentials to new EFT Arcus customers.

The standard way to accomplish this workflow would have involved Jason either 1) creating custom code to automate the application workflow integration or 2) manually creating multiple integrations to access data, assign various tasks, and send notifications. Considering that each email is unique to every customer, both tactics would be too time intensive to create and replicate.


Jason found a fast, efficient, and scalable alternative with Kenetix, a Globalscape integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solution. With Kenetix, Jason created workflow integrations for the IT automation and cloud provisioning engine, Ansible, and the email infrastructure  service, Mandrill.

When a new deployment of EFT Arcus makes its way through the development pipeline, the DevOps team uses Ansible to provision a number of microservices that support an EFT instance. Ansible also acts as a deployment orchestrator that invokes the process of creating and sending customized email notifications to customers using Mandrill.

“Creating the code to connect with the applications and data I need isn’t a new or difficult process; however it is very time-consuming to manage manually. Kenetix makes the entire process a great deal easier to automate integration flows between the core applications.”
- Jason Wright, Globalscape DevOps Engineer

The DevOps team connects to Ansible by creating a “FLO” in Kenetix to start the process of accessing the different datasets needed to create the customized emails. Kenetix uses an API Endpoint FLO that makes the process easier, providing more options for receiving requests and more versatility for different data types. The customer emails are then populated using data parsed from Ansible.

With Kenetix, the DevOps team could customize and control their automated workflow integrations with the ability to add logic.  Adding logic to the FLO meant the DevOps team could initiate different business processes based on the result of the deployment. If all of the criteria was met and the deployment was successful, then the customer email with the user credentials would be sent to the customer through email FLO, or Mandrill Mail Relay service integration. 

In the unlikely event that Ansible would send a failure message, then the same FLO would be used to connect with Mandrill to send a message to a different distribution list to which a DevOps team member is assigned.


Integrating Ansible and Mandrill using Kenetix made it easier to automate the process of emailing customers their user credentials for EFT Arcus. Kenetix provided greater control and more flexibility, enabling the DevOps team to create logic-based functions based on the result of an EFT Arcus deployment.

With Kenetix, Globalscape’s DevOps engineer automated a complex integration within 30 minutes, when in most cases the same custom integration could take hours. 

Kenetix, an integration platform as a service (iPaaS)

Key Benefits

Rapid Integrations
By using Kenetix and its low-code integration platform, the DevOps engineer automated a complex workflow integration within 30 minutes, which would have taken hours if handled manually.

Logic-Based Workflows
When the workflow depends on specific outcomes, Kenetix has the option to create logic-based functions to trigger business processes unique to each outcome.

Data Type Versatility
Kenetix uses an API Endpoint FLO that makes the process easier, providing more options for receiving requests and more versatility for different data types.