National Retailer Streamlines Bidding Process

Challenge: A major national retail corporation adopted Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™) Enterprise as their managed file transfer (MFT) solution of choice. Undergoing continual expansion, they are routinely faced with the prospect of distributing plans for new retail and warehousing facilities to local developers and then receiving bids from those developers. One of the various ways that the national retailer leverages EFT is to empower the appropriate employees to initiate and manage this bidding process from start to finish.


Bids received are confidential. Participating developer firms are not allowed to know about any of the competing firms, nor what the contents of those bids may be. Additionally, IT would like to avoid additional administrative overhead, including provisioning new users, setting up directory structures, defining permissions, and so on.

EFT was set up so that for each project, employees can use their web browser to log in securely to EFT via HTTPS using the Web Transfer Client. The employees create folders for the new projects and then within that project’s folder, they create a sub folder for generally available plans to be shared with local firms.

Project employees upload the plans into that folder and use Workspaces to share that folder with the appropriate email contact(s) at the various local firms who will be bidding on the job, and enable download permissions. 

Cardholder data can also be securely wiped via a DoD level data sanitization. In combination with our Auditing and Reporting Module, the organization was able to export PCI DSS compliance reports to view any potential problems before an audit was conducted. 


When the distribution Workspace is created, all the various contacts receive their invitations to participate in the Workspace. If they have participated on previous projects, then they log in with their existing credentials. If they have not, then they complete the invitation process for their account to be provisioned.

The employee creates another subfolder under the Project folder for bid submissions, and then within that folder creates folders for each firm. Each firm’s folder can then be shared as a private Workspace with only the contact(s) at that firm, this time selecting more extensive permissions to allow uploading, additional subfolder creation, and so forth.

Those contacts are notified when a new Workspace has been shared with them, and the next time they log into EFT they will see their new Workspace folder under Bid Submissions folder in addition to the original folder for the distribution of the plans. When the bid is finalized and ready for submission, they log in and upload the bid files to that folder.

With EFT and Workspaces, all confidentiality concerns are addressed, the employees are empowered to manage their own project bid processes with a simple, straight-forward, repeatable process they can follow, and IT is relieved of administrative overhead associated with creating and sharing folders and provisioning new external users.

National Retailer Streamlines Bidding Process


  • EFT Enterprise
  • Web Transfer Client

Key Benefits

  • Secure file sharing
  • Convenient web browser log in
  • Automated bidding workflow and process

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