Pharmaceutical Company Saves Time and Reduces Costs through Data Transfer Automation

Challenge: A large pharmaceutical company was considering using Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™) Enterprise with Event Rules as a way to cut costs and increase operational efficiency. The organization relied on the timely submission of its regulatory documentation to bring its products to market faster so their customers can get much needed medication.

Each batch of submissions required time-consuming human intervention and additional firewall protections to ensure security and compliance mandates were met. When submitting test results errors and vulnerability risks grew each time a human was involved in the process. Each submission required the user to consolidate files from multiple sources and send the files via a portal webpage or using a local SFTP client installed on individual computers, which introduced maintenance and support costs.


Globalscape and its Professional Services team put together a secure data transfer solution for the organization using EFT Enterprise with Event Rules along with a series of customization services. The Event Rules in EFT Enterprise automated the test results submission process, by taking each of the files from various sources, and then transferring the files via either SFTP or AS2 protocols to the required agencies. This process was automated with a single Event Rule.


By automating the submission of its regulatory information, the risks associated with human error were nearly eliminated, the support cost associated with SFTP client software was gone, and the number of open ports that allowed outbound transfers were greatly reduced, increasing security. End users are now able to access a custom-built web portal, enter the path to the submissions files, email address, and transfer credentials, and then EFT compiles the required information and transmits it securely and efficiently to different regulatory agencies. The end users are notified of the transmission results via email. With EFT Enterprise with Event Rules, the organization reduced costs, relieved the strain and overhead for end users, removed much of the human error, and implemented a solution to expedite the process, all while meeting or exceeding government regulations.

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Globalscape Success Stories

Key Benefits

  •   Reduced human error through automated submissions, compiled by EFT
  •   Simplified submission process through easy to use custom-built web portal
  •   Automated email notification for completed submissions
  •   Reduced costs by eliminating SFTP client software