Online Retailer Improves Efficiency with EFT

Challenge: For over a decade, three large online retailers were all operating under the same corporate umbrella, until they made the decision to separate. With any split there is always the question of who owns what? Who keeps what? Where do we go from here?

This success story focuses on one online retailer’s journey to establish itself as its own independent, standalone organization – starting with its selection of a managed file transfer solution. At the recommendation of the online retailer’s employee, Globalscape’s Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™) was introduced as the best solution to meet business requirements.

The retailer’s homegrown file transfer systems left them vulnerable to a wide range of risks, from productivity declines to an insufficiently protected network. To better position their business, they hoped to find a secure file transfer solution that would offer the following:

  • A single platform for management, monitoring and tracking

  • Integration-ready with business critical applications for full operational visibility

  • A cost effective and budget-friendly solution

The online retailer needed a quick and problem-free transition to their new enterprise-level managed file transfer solution, and the transition needed to be achieved without any interference to their daily operations.


After an analysis of the online retailers’ infrastructure and a discussion about their goals and file transfer requirements – the decision was made to deploy Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™) Enterprise to streamline the retailer’s file transfer processes and decommission their existing file transfer system.

With EFT, they would be in a position to minimize errors, failed file transfers, and other inefficiencies or productivity risks, while having complete visibility over the entire file transfer infrastructure. The retailer liked the large feature set of EFT Enterprise, including the Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE) module which simplified their complicated data transfer workflows. EFT also gave the online retailer the ability to provide High Availability in Active-Active clustering.


By implementing EFT Enterprise with the AWE module in High Availability, the online retailer could finally decommission several outdated homegrown systems. Through the Advanced Workflow Engine module, the online retailer was able to use automated scripts and programs within an easy to manage, centralized platform, for management and tracking purposes.

Globalscape’s Professional services team was also brought in to assist with the implementation, as well as train the staff on the solution. Following the initial deployment Globalscape’s Professional Services team was requested for remote support to help them with the integration of other systems as they are migrated off the previous solutions on a case by case basis. Utilizing the Professional Services team allowed the augmentation of internal staff to expedite the process and get the system up and running quickly and cost effectively.

Globalscape Success Stories


  •   EFT Enterprise
  •   Professional Services 
  •   Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE) 
  •   High Availability (HA) 

Key Benefits

  •   Operational visibility
  •   Automated workflows and processes
  •   Onsite training
  •   Continued support during migration

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