Law Enforcement Agency Uses EFT Enterprise to Efficiently and Securely Share Files from Multiple Sources

Challenge: A law enforcement agency needed a reliable process that would enable them to efficiently and securely share files from multiple sources. Located in one of the most highly populated metropolitan cities in the United States, the agency handled a high volume of files. Without visibility in their current file transfer process, there was little they could do to prevent the failed file transfers, backlog, and potential safety risks.

The law enforcement agency was manually transferring files that were initiated by timed scripts and were run on a server that resided in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) of their network--outside the protection of the internal firewall, producing unreliable and inefficient file transfers.

Additionally, the agency did not have any visibility into the file transfer progress. If there were file transfer errors, malware intrusions, or inefficient use of bandwidth, the law enforcement agency had no warnings. Without a report or notification, the agency had no idea whether file transfer issues occurred on their side or a partner’s.

The law enforcement agency was seeking a solution that would streamline their file transfer processes, provide visibility over transfers, automatically generate reports, scan files for malware, and automate the necessary data transfer workflows for backend file manipulation and processing.


The agency researched a variety of managed file transfer (MFT) solutions, and decided to evaluate Globalscape’s Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™) platform. Through the free 30-day trial of EFT, the agency tried each of the EFT Enterprise modules to determine which of the module features best solved their pain points. During the evaluation, they discovered that:

  • The file transfer automation available in EFT’s Event Rules streamlined their file transfer processes
  • The Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE) allowed administrators to augment scripts used in previous processes to more efficiently set timer-based Event Rules in EFT, with each of the necessary options configured in one place
  • The Auditing and Reporting module (ARM) provided reports and visibility into transfer progress, errors, and bandwidth and user account issues
  • AV/DLP scanning through the Content Integrity Control (CIC) module ensured that they were not exchanging files that contained malware
  • EFT brokered by the DMZ Gateway®, allowed for their files to be relocated behind the internal firewall, ensuring that their data was protected by an extra layer of security


As the evaluation period came to a close, the agency was able to generate reports that offered them the visibility and insight they needed to not only better understand how data moved internally throughout the agency, but externally, as well. Additionally, the reporting features of EFT Enterprise, with the Auditing and Reporting module helped the IT department generate the reports that they needed to measure the timeliness of their transfers, handle any malicious software, and adjust bandwidth usage. Additionally, the user/IP-based tracking reports gave the agency true visibility into packet transfer and completion, with email notifications sent to the appropriate users.

The law enforcement industry is one of detail, organizational efficiency, and, of course, security. Globalscape’s EFT Enterprise, along with the Auditing and Reporting Module, and DMZ Gateway helped the agency enforce those same values for their data transfers.

Globalscape Success Stories


  •   EFT Enterprise
  •   Advanced Workflow Engine
  •   DMZ Gateway

Key Benefits

  •   Eliminated reliance on complicated programming codes for automation
  •   Automated secure file sharing processes
  •   Gained visibility over all data transfer activity

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